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DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 01, 2015

Race crew for the day! Fundraise to win one of four spots on John Stoner's race crew at the Colorado Mile on September 5th or 6th.  John Stoner will be racing in the Colorado Mile and is offering four spots (two for Saturday the 5th and two for Sunday the 6th) to be a part of his race crew. The top four fundraisers ($200 or more) will have the opportunity to join his race crew for either the 5th or 6th. As part of the race crew you will get a special crew shirt and help with simple prep tasks at the race. Not only will you get to take part in the race day activities but will have also helped to fundraise for the Realm of Caring Foundation. All proceeds, aside from the winners' event ticket and shirt fees, will benefit the Realm of Caring which will help to fund their client support services, research opportunities and education initiatives. 

Pledge amounts based on 100mph

$0.10 mph = $10

$0.25 mph = $25

$0.50 mph = $50

$0.75 mph = $75

$1.00 mph = $100

Land Speed Racing Bio - John Stoner / 5 Points Vintage Ltd. John is a Colorado native born in Sterling and grew up in Colorado Springs. His professional background is in Real Estate and Construction. John is also a Board Member and second term President for The British Motorcycle Association of Colorado with more than 60 members throughout Colorado and the U.S. John’s Land Speed Racing endeavors began April of 2012 and he personally holds three Bonneville Land Speed Records in the 175cc class, set in 2012 and 2013. John was the Project Manager for The British Motorcycle Association Land Speed Racing Team. The Team set 2 Bonneville Land Speed Records in 2013. John is semi-retired & works as consultant. He spends most of his spare time in the 5 Points Vintage Garage fabricating, designing and restoring, custom and vintage motorcycles.

Motorcycle: 1958 Triumph 21 350cc Constructed from parts sourced throughout England, New Zealand, Australia and the USA Frame 1958 Triumph 21 USA Cases and Transmission 1969 CO. USA Crankshaft and Flywheel 1969 CT. USA Head 1963 NZ Barrel 1967 UK Pistons NOS AU Garrett Turbo custom made by Majestic Turbo. Waco, TX. USA Faring Airtech CB600RR FL. USA Designed & Fabricated by 5 Points Vintage Ltd. Colorado Springs, CO. USA

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