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Deerfoot Day Out Photo
Deerfoot Day Out Photo
Deerfoot Day Out Photo
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EVENT DATE: Oct 21, 2017

UPDATE: We uploaded a new link to  Under the "how do I recruit sponsors?" section in the FAQs you'll find a google doc link / template for outreach to prospective sponsors.

You can also get to it from here:

Welcome to Deerfoot Day Out! Hopefully you have already been to the Deerfoot Lodge Facebook page or

This page will guide you through setting up a fundraiser in support of Deerfoot Day Out or contributing to an existing fundraiser that supports Deerfoot Day Out.

You have two options.

1)     Look up there… The gray box that says, “SET UP your fundraiser” Just click that and follow the prompts to set up your own unique route, activity, or feat of wonder. Also, if you are partcipating in a group (For example "The Guides of ’17") you can join an alreday established team through that box as well.


2)     If you are here to donated to someone who has already set up an activity, (for example you want to donate to Chief Nick’s laps around DL Blue Ridge or the Guide’s of ’17 event), click the orange “DONATE to a fundraiser” block and search for whomever you would like to support.

All donation will go to the Deerfoot Blue Campaign. If you have any questions please e-mail or

Chief Nick Dotti, DL Blue Ridge Summer Camp Director