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My name is Jon Connors, and in June 2015 I am reducing my life into four bike bags as I cycle across the US to encourage citizens to stand up and begin taking control of our economy. This is a bold statement, yet there is ample evidence to support it. In the 1970’s Club of Rome reported that there are tangible ‘Limits to Growth,’ and 40 years later many of their predictions are coming true. Some of the worst side effects are due by 2020. Experts like Richard Heinberg of Post Carbon Institute and hedge fund millionaires like Jeremy Grantham have written extensively about how our economy cannot grow forever. That thinking has no basis in reality. I saw first-hand evidence of this in 2007 when I worked as a cold caller on Wall Street. The following year, when I got my Master’s in Finance, I witnessed our economy collapse in real time. #IndustrialFolly exists in many aspects of our lives. California supplies the US with 80% of our food, and yet, under the current model, #IndustrialFarmers pay close to $0 for water. What does that mean? With water running out, we all see how water resources are perceived as free, even though reality shows us they are not. Starvation and social unrest are likely if we do not change. Industrialists are not charged full price for their raw resources, nor do they pay anything at all for the expenses their pollution incurs. This doesn’t just apply to our food supply: it applies to all aspects of our lives. Nuclear power plants (and arms manufacturers) create waste that lasts for 10,000 years, but none of them have a ‘Nuclear Waste Storage Expense’ log in their balance sheet to cover the cost of storage and cleanup for 10,000 years in the future. In Fukushima, Japan, global tax payers have been footing the bill for just this sort of #IndustrialShortsightedness, and the mess hasn’t even been handled. We may be paying for it with our health for generations upon generations. #IndustrialStatistics are equally flawed. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the supposed indicator of health in our economy, doesn’t account for how growth is created. The US has been at war for 15 straight years, which in turn increases the value of arms manufacturers, mercenary troop companies, and military R&D firms, thereby increasing GDP. 15 years straight of killing has garnered America more enemies, meaning that arms companies will continue to collect as we manufacture enemies; again increasing GDP. The US Criminal Justice System incarcerates 1/4 of the total global prison population. Many of these prisons are for-profit enterprises, meaning that more prisons increases GDP. As the companies grow, their food contractors and health contractors grow as well. So when will Industrial Consumerism end? Whether it is in my lifetime or in my children’s lifetime, our current way of life is nothing short of CANCER for future generations, CANCER for our planet, and a tinderbox for social unrest. If you look into your heart, you’ll see you have a MORAL OBLIGATION to change — don’t you agree? If your answer is no, please continue with your head in the sand, and in your role as guardian of the ‘status quo.’ I recognize that change can be hard, but the alternative is to wait until our system collapses, wreaking havoc on our nation, our selves, and the ones we love. I am offering my coaching to help you through the process, and to show you that we can transition with GRACE. What does the new business model look like? We need to move from the age of the passive CONSUMER into the age of the empowered PROSUMER. Prosumers know the value of the goods they buy, they know where their stuff comes from, and where it will go upon disposal. They proactively engage with their NETWORK, spreading the word about the products, services and even theories they love.


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