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34% Raised of$2,000 Goal

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The Story

As we think about our future together, we feel very fortunate and grateful for the opportunities, love, and support that helped us get to this point in our lives. Thinking about where we are today also causes us to think about people who do not have as many advantages.

Please consider:


Just in Time For Foster Youth 

There is a great group of people in San Diego helping young adults (18-26) transition out of the foster system. When children in the foster system turn 18, they're cut loose and have to navigate the first years of adulthood on their own.  In most cases, they have little or no support structure, and no one advising them on how to get a job, an apartment, set up a bank account, etc. 40-50% of them become homeless in the first 18 months.   

We are truly lucky to have been raised by loving, supportive families. We had so many benefits when we started out and we would like to help less fortunate young men and women get their fair start.


Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Services 

This group supports physical and psychological rehabilitation programs that provide direct service to ill, injured, or wounded veterans. The programs support everything from driver's rehabilitation services for veterans with traumatic brain injuries, to treatment for post-service mental health services. The Trust also helps to fund programs that provide food, shelter, and other necessary items to homeless or at-risk veterans and their families.

We are grateful for the military service provided by our grandfathers, fathers, additional family members, and close friends. We would like to honor all veterans by supporting those who have been wounded while serving our country.