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December 08, 2012

Hey everyone this is my new page in hopes that I'll be able to get some help with everything I wrote about :) Even prayer support is great!  See more


Amber Miller


Hi, I'm Amber, a 23 yr old college student trying to get the winter clothes, non-food necessities & vehicle I need. I put together this Target Wish List:
and would love a haircut (my first since 2007) from: School has meant cutting my hours at my part-time cashier job that's my cash flow & my 2nd part-time job of 20 hours a week in dog walking & housecleaning is my rent so I can't get another job to make up the void. Starting in January my cashier hours are going to be lessened a little more for Spring Semester classes so it is with gratitude and relief that I can say I just got approved for food stamps. But yeah things were tight before 11/5/12 but became even more so afterwards. On 11/5 I was on 42 almost to Burnsville Pkwy in the middle lane with traffic thicker & moving on all sides & all of a sudden the moving car in front of me merged into the right lane suddenly (& just barely at that) giving me my first visual of stopped vehicles in front of me. I couldn't merge right or left at that point so was completely trapped. I slammed on my brakes, held them down & just could not stop in time. The other driver said he heard squealing tires & was wondering what was happening in the moment before his truck got hit. No damage to him or his vehicle thankfully & only minor cosmetic damage to my truck but I've been hurt. Nothing broken or bleeding but my dominant right hand is in a brace until its healed but is still pretty painful as are my jaw, my low back, my neck, my left shoulder (seatbelt did its job) & my hips (ditto on seatbelt), some headaches, dizziness & fatigue. Chiropractic care is helping and is ultimately the care I need but I'm hurting right now & still recovering. I've missed 2 cashier shifts & left 1 early thus far which isn't helping my finances at all, hoping I won't need to miss anymore. My truck needs a radiator, but is it on its last legs? I can't use the heat & it's overheating a lot, the coolant is not emptying out of the overflow tank into the radiator as it should to combat that either. Every little bit makes a difference, thanks in advance for your help!



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