Colleen Crosby

Aug 10, 1950 - April 29, 2006

The Story

Colleen Crosby is a vibrant spirit who continues to touch the lives of many changemakers in the coffee industry and beyond through the legacy of her pioneering advocacy for coffee farming families around the world.


Colleen and her husband, Bronson Baker, co-founded Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting in 1978, which later became one of the first licensed Fair Trade coffee companies in the United States. In Colleen's world, no one was just a farmer, a worker, another member of staff; everyone was a soul, climbing steep hills to harvest ripe coffee cherries, sorting the beans with deft fingers, craning over samples, loading containers at the dock, passing in and out of office doors, and brewing the final cup on which the livelihoods of so many souls depend.


The cause of social justice for all of the men, women and children whose lives depend on coffee brought Colleen to the United Sates Congress where she testified in support of improving coffee import standards. In 2005, Colleen co-founded the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA), receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from IWCA shortly before her death in 2006.

We invite you to continue her legacy at the 10 year anniversary of her death by contributing to one of the causes to which she gave her soul and passion in her life.