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Civil Air Patrol

Help Us Create America's Future...Today!

http://www.gocivilairpatrol.com Tax ID 75-6037853


Together we can save lives and shape lives by creating America's future...today!

Every dollar makes a difference in reaching youth through aerospace education and preparing cadets to serve their communities, state and our Nation.

We are experiencing a significant increase in applications to assist deserving cadets attend encampments, focus on flight and academic scholarships and teacher requests to fund aerospace education in school curriculum.

Your gift of:

$35 will pay to support a teacher to access our aerospace education program,

$50 will pay for one school-aged child to participate in aerospace education,

$125 provides one hour of flying time for a cadet,

$250 funds a scholarship to attend an encampment, or

$1,000 or more provides a full academic or flight scholarship for a deserving cadet.

Don’t delay. You can save lives and shape lives with a donation today.