Childspring Pushup Challenge

Childspring Pushup Challenge Photo
Childspring Pushup Challenge Photo
Childspring Pushup Challenge Photo
Childspring Pushup Challenge Photo
Childspring Pushup Challenge Photo
Childspring Pushup Challenge Photo
Childspring Pushup Challenge Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: May 12, 2018

Childspring International provides life-changing surgeries for children from developing countries and as a result transforms communities.

Childspring's objective is to transform 5,000 kids' lives by 2020,and in the process become an international leader in facilitating medical care for children in need.

Childspring has made treatment possible for kids with a broad range of life-impeding medical conditions, including, congenital heart defects, skeletal problems, injuries caused by burns and trauma, strabismus and clift palate, as examples.  We currently are able to treat most children through international partnerships.  Kids who can't be treated in their home countries are commonly brought to the United States for medical care. Please visit our site, and consider donating to help Childspring continue to change the lives of kids around the world!


The Childspring Pushup Challenge challenges you to do as many push ups in 1 hour as you can to help raise funds to provide life changing surgeries for the poorest children in the world who desperately need them. Practice as much as you can before then, so you can do as many push ups as possible at the event!


If you are interested in participating in the event, please followe the instructions below:

1. Fill out our participation form:

2. Find our event on Facebook and share with yours friends

3. Collect your pledges on this google form:

4. Create your team under our event page and collect donations:


How do I raise money doing push ups?

Get as many people as you can to pledge money per push up that you do. You can get sponsors to pledge any amount of money per push up by the challenger. The more people you have sponsoring you the better!

Who Can Participate?

Anyone 18 years or older or anyone under 18 with their parents or guardians release form may participate.


Can We Put Teams Together?

Yes, you can put together teams from your work, organization, gym, school or group of friends to work together and do as many push ups as you can! What if I Have Prior Commitments? We understand not everyone can be at the gym at 9 am on Saturday, May 12.

Wherever you are on May 12, do as many push ups as you can while going LIVE on Facebook or Instagram. Then save the video and make sure to email to us at

We have groups and individuals in different cities around the country doing this! We just ask that you have someone with you to help keep count and certify the number of push ups that you completed.