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Congratulations on making the decision to register!
We're excited to have you and we're going to make registering as easy on you as possible. There are five simple steps:


Choose What to Pay for Now and What to Pay for Later

Tell us whether you are registering as a Marcher, Crew Member, or Minor. There are two required payments and one option. The $99 registration fee has to be paid now, when you register. The $159 Amenities Plan can be paid for today or later, by May 26th, 2015. And if you want a single occupancy tent, it's $49, which you can also pay now or by May 26th.


Register as a Team or an Individual

Choose whether to join an existing team, start your own team, or to register as an individual (you can always switch to a team later) and acknowledge that you understand there is a fundraising minimum if you wish to march in the March.


Log into CrowdRise, or Create a CrowdRise Account

CrowdRise is the state-of-the-art in online fundraising tools, and we've partnered with them for the March. Their technology allows you to set up fundraising pages, track your donations, send thank yous and much more. If you already have a CrowdRise account, sign in, or if you don't, you can create one easily at this step.


Complete the Registration Form, Agree to the Waiver

This gives us all the information we need to give you the best experience possible. The waiver is important - please read it. Please note: if you are the parent or guardian of a minor who will be marching with you, you must repeat the registration process, including execution of a waiver, for each minor.


Enter Your Credit Card Information and Check Out

And that’s it, you’ll be registered!



Charity Defense March Photo

The Story

Never a demonstration by the sector to raise money and raise consciousness in order to change the way people think about changing the world.


This is a march- cooperative not competitive, activist not athletic- three days and 60 miles long- for anyone and everyone who works in the charitable sector, from executive directors to social workers, and for anyone who supports them.


It's for the people who get labeled "overhead" and the people who rely on them. This is your tribe. This is your root cause. Because these are the issues that stand in the way of our potential to impact the causes we work on every day. If we don't take a stand for ourselves, a stand will never be taken.