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I've become an athlete again! I started working out at the Y in August 2014, after a five-year hiatus of not exercising or eating right. The first thing I tried was a spin class, something I had never done before. I really did think I was going to die during the class, and the next day, my body hurt really bad. Nonetheless, my goal was to go once a week. A few months later in October, I knew it was time to ramp things up, so I hired a personal trainer. She was incredible. I learned new ways to work my muscles and how to balance cardio with weight training. A few weeks later, I started trying out different classes besides spin. I wanted to see what would work best for me. Then in April of this year, I started eating differently and switched to a clean eating diet. August 2015, marked my one-year anniversary of working out and taking good care of myself. I look back on how far I’ve come and am very proud of myself. I’m not where I want to be just yet, but I’m excited about what my future in fitness will be. I’ve become an athlete again thanks to the Carls Y and the incredible people there.


-Paula C.


Paula's story is just one example of the many lives positively impacted by the Carls Family YMCA over the years. To find out more about the amazing impact the Carls Family YMCA has click on and view the teams below. Sign up to join a team and support your community by fundraising. Donate to one of our featured initiatives to make programs to more accessible for the children who need them most, the children of metropolitan Detroit.We have the ability to change hundreds of lives for the better but it can only happen if we work together. 


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