Cure for Chase

The Story

One year ago our lives changed forever when our 11 year old son Chase was diagnosed with Juvenile Myositis, a rare and life-threatening disease.


On May 18th, we are joining togtether to help find a Cure for Chase!!!


Juvenile Myositis is a life-threatening and incurable disease affecting 17,000 children in the U.S. alone.  It causes a child's own immune system to attack healthy tissue and cells, which can cause pain, organ failure and even lead to death.  Juvenile Myositis can affect virtually any system of the body, the heart, lungs, skin, muscles, and more.  


Cure JM Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for Juvenile Myositis (JM).  Cure JM Foundation is the ONLY organization that solely supports Juvenile Myositis and is the largest charitable supporter of Juvenile Myositis research.  


And your gift makes an impact.  More than 95% of funds raised go directly to fund much-needed medical research and education programs.  


Cure JM’s goal is to never, ever let another child suffer with Juvenile Myositis. With your help, we believe it is a goal that’s well within our reach. 


For more information on Cure JM visit The Cure JM Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3).