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AAbove's Fundraiser:

1st Annual Skateboarding Event: Raising awareness for the needs of homeless youth

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We are dedicated towards raising awareness for the growing trend in the number of homeless youth in both Colorado and the Nation. All donations raised during this event will go towards further support of community outreach programs dedicated towards ending youth homelessness.

Sponsored by the non profit: AAbove, based in Colorado Springs. Check out our event at: http://aabove.webs.com/events-and-workshops.    

AAbove is comprised of a congregation of athletes, educators and volunteers who have teamed together to inspire, encourage and support anyone in need  through activity, faith, and a drug free environment. The best way to keep those at-risk off the streets and out of trouble is to provide them with outlets for organized, action-based, faith and fun.

AAbove and its members, offer year-round events, workshops, neighborhood outreach, and mentoring to all ages, orientations, styles and beliefs in order to better serve our population as a consistently positive role-model, helping  children, teens and young adults develop opportunities, learn skills and experience life through action, self expression, and service. Children, adolescents and young adults often have a hard time relating to people, society and traditional belief, Sometimes we respond better to physical outlets which allows us to think and believe on their own terms, rather than in traditional means.   

For example,   AAbove has found a way to use skateboarding to build up self-esteem by teaching kids about setting goals, pushing forward, and achieving their objectives. AAbove provides after-school and summer-break skateboarding programs to children and teens in under-served communities, using the sport of skateboarding to inspire kids to reach their full potential through goal-setting and team-building activities. Generous donations from the public, non-profit foundations, and businesses help us to supply skateboarding equipment to low-income and at-risk teens with the help of funds generated through fundraising, skateboarding competitions and the annual skateboard art show. Not only do we offer workshops and spiritual guidance, we also offer spiritual counseling and mentoring for youth, individuals, and families, free of charge.  Faith and compassion are the gifts we pass unto the next generation.


All in all...


AAbove is a fully functional, progressive house of worship whose mission is to support the good in humanity. We accept and welcome a congregation made up of all types and styles of individuals with beliefs and faiths from all around the world. We offer both a traditional house of worship located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies, as well as a virtual congregation, in order to serve all of the masses. We are a not-for-profit religious organization which carries out our mission through volunteerism and generous donations from our congregation and the public. AAbove also supports and sponsors various non-profit events throughout the calendar year which includes church services, missionary work, community charity and service, and spiritual development and guidance for believers and non-believers alike. AAbove supports the good in all, creating a positive, spiritual environment for all.  Come meet our spiritual community!






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