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The Story

“The students, parents and staff of Spain Elementary/Middle School appreciate and thank the Boll Family YMCA for the opportunity to participate in the Detroit Swims. The students enjoyed the program and eagerly looked forward to swimming each week. Most of my students actually became swimmers by the end of the program.


The swim instructors at the Boll Family YMCA were second to none! I would be remissed if I did not mention Mr. Anthony. He was patient, understanding, encouraging and thorough in demonstrating swimming technique and water safety. To watch him work with the students each week was a privilege.


Lastly, Mrs. Holmes was a wonderful liaison between the Y and Spain School. She provided me with the necessary documents and ensured that my students and I had everything we needed to be successful and enjoy the experience. The students especially enjoyed the additional experience of attending the movie “The Peanuts” with the Marcus Garvey students. The student not only learned about swimming during the Detroit Swims program, they learned social skills and how to establish and maintain friendships.


Again, we sincerely thank you for allowing us to participate in the program. We thank you for the swim apparel and accessories, as they were much needed and took pressure off parents having to attempt to provide the necessary equipment. We never know anyone’s true financial situation, the Detroit Swim program provided much needed skill and we pray that we are able to continue the program in the future."

-Lakia Wilson, Spain School Counselor


The story of Spain Schools is just one example of the many lives positively impacted by the Boll Family YMCA over the years.Your donation to one of our fundraiser make more programs to more accessible for the children who need them most, the children of Detroit. We have the ability to change hundreds of lives for the better but it can only happen if we work together.

100% of the donations made on this page go directly to initiatives at the Boll Family YMCA



"We have parents lining up outside the office door to sign their children up for Detroit Swims!"- Behavior Specialist, The Children's Center


"I cannot express the increase in self-confidence that this swimming program has generated in my students."- Special Needs Teacher (Cognitive Impairment) Marcus Garvey Academy


"Where has this program been all of my life?  I am so happy to see my child who was afraid to get in a bathtub, now he's swimming in a huge pool. This is unbelievable!”- Special Needs Program Parent


"This program by far provides children with speech and language enrichment as much as any best practices for non-verbal children.  You can actually see them mentally forming words in their minds.  What an awesome program."- Visiting Speech Therapist, Inkster Public Schools


"The swimming program at the Y is a well-kept secret that I personally, am going to share with every parent who has a special needs child! "-Owner, Maximize Autistic Potential, Holistic Advocate


"[My son] is a different child after two swimming lessons.  When we are riding home, he is babbling and making sounds that he never did before.  And he sleeps so much better; not up every 45 minutes throughout the night.  We both sleep better!"- Special Needs Program Parent


"Our children are often left out of programs, events, school productions and community involvements in general.  Our schools are often uncomfortable to include visually impaired children. Believe it or not, parents are also often reluctant to take their children in public due to feelings of guilt or shame. Without programs like Detroit Swims, our children will not have the same experiences as other children when it comes to water safety, and basic swimming skills. This is very important to the overall well-being of our children and the assurance that they can one day live happy healthy and productive lives. They need to feel “normal”. I want to thank you guys for contacting Detroit Area Agency for the Blind and Visually Impaired. We are very excited about our students attending the Boll Family Y this year as part of their summer camp program.”- Detroit Area Agency for the Blind and Visually Impaired


"Honestly, I wish I could take each swimming teacher and give them a million dollars!  What they are doing with these children is changing lives.  It's bigger than just basic swim instruction.  It's positively impacting their future.  They are just awesome, every one of them."- Spain Elementary School Counselor