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The Story

Who doesn't love kickball? And who doesn't love giving back? Combine the two and voilà! - Instant awesomeness! So here's the plan: - We organize teams of 9 or more (keep in mind that more people per team not only gives you extras/replacements for those weeks when someone needs time off to study, but also reduces the amount per person). Each team pays $50 to join, chooses a color and team name, and chooses a charity which they feel strongly about, or just like. (If anyone needs help choosing a great charity, this website is the perfect tool to find a worthy cause) The money will be stored in this account here. - Next, we play! Each week we will organize games so that each team plays once a week. (The schedule will be dependent upon how many people are interested) - At the end of the tournament, all the money raised will be donated to the charity chosen by the winning team!