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How It Works

If you are ready to purchase your event blanket kits, you are in the right spot! If you are picking up from our office, please follow the steps below. Once you are done making your blanket kits, you can either drop them off at our office or at one of our drop-off locations listed here. You can also ship the kits back to us at our mailing address, 22641 Moorgate St., Novi, MI 48374.

Need more info about our event process? Check out our event packet to learn more. We are grateful for your support of our warriors!

Step 1

Choose number of blanket kits

How many blanket kits would you like? The more the merrier!

Step 2

Let's do some math

Grab your phone or calculator. Each kit is $24. So if you want 10 kits, the total would be $240.

Step 3

Enter that amount

Click on the Order Now button below and enter that magic number on the next page, then complete your purchase order.

Step 4

Pick up your kit

Swing by our office, pick up your kits and enjoy!

If you need blankets shipped to your event, please contact us at info@fleeceandthankyou.org.

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Event Blanket Kit Purchase

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