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EVENT DATE: May 27, 2018

A common discussion topic and sentiment in our relationship is gratitude. We feel incredibly blessed to have our health, to live in comfort, to attain an incredible education, to be able to travel to see family, friends and new places and to celebrate our love with you all in May.

When we were debating what to do with our wedding registry, we realized that being the catalyst to help others less fortunate than we are would mean more to us than any physical gift. Plus, as grad students living in a 400 sq ft studio apartment, we don't really have space for anything extra anyway! In place of a physical gift, we'd be honored if you made a contribution to one of the charities we have selected on this page. 

These charities help people in our hometowns of Roanoke and Baltimore by providing meals, shelter, medical, and employment services to new immigrants or those in need. A small donation here can go a long way. 

Thank you for considering a donation to one of the charities we have chosen as part of our wedding registry. We can't wait to see you soon!

Feel free to read more about our chosen charities by clicking on the following links:

Catholic Charities of Baltimore (https://www.catholiccharities-md.org/)

Bradley Free Clinic (http://bradleyfreeclinic.com/)

Roanoke Rescue Mission (https://rescuemission.net/)