Belize Crossing

Belize Crossing Photo
Belize Crossing Photo
Belize Crossing Photo
Belize Crossing Photo
Belize Crossing Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Nov 17, 2012

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Dec 17, 2012

For the first time ever, Lost Worlds Racing is providing an opportunity for our runners to go above and beyond simply participating in our races.  We have mindfully chosen 2 deserving charities that best represent Lost Worlds’ mission, but know that you can raise money for a cause close to your heart.


To get started, click the JOIN THE TEAM button for one of our official charities or click 'FUNDRAISE FOR THIS EVENT’ and choose to raise money for your favorite cause . You'll get your own fundraising page to share with all your amazing family and friends. 


About the Belize Crossing


Belize has been home to the Maya for over four thousand years and the legacy of that ancient civilisation is still very much alive today. Despite its size, Belize has seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. Belize is the heartland of the Maya civilisation, and this legacy takes on even greater significance with the approach of the Winter Solstice of 2012 – an event of almost indescribable importance to the Maya and a time for major celebrations, activities and events throughout Belize.


Lost Worlds’ Belize Crossing race will start off at the impressive Xunatunich Temple, meander over single track and rugged road, traversing the highlands of the Maya Mountains to eventually reach the steps of the world renowned Carocol Temple, one of the most striking and well-preserved Mayan temples.  In essence, the will follow paths over a National Park area and along some highlands in the Maya Mountains range. You will be running from one famous awe-inspiring temple to another.


So please consider joining us on this remarkable journey for runners, trekkers and adventure seekers. We know it will be unforgettable!


Embrace bold. Make plans not excuses. Runners doing good things.


Peace ☮


-Lost Worlds Racing

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