The Story

“It all started when I received a postcard in the mail for a reduced family rate on a YMCA membership. We couldn't believe that our entire family could have the chance to have a community outlet for such an affordable price. I was a member at Planet Fitness and thought I had the best deal, but we soon found out that having the chance to find growth in ourselves and in our children at the same time was the best deal possible.


Shortly after becoming members we found comfort and stress relief by having regular workouts while our children were in child watch. We found solace in the acceptance of all of our children. It is difficult to find a place where you feel comfortable leaving your children, even if you are in the other room. Next, we applied for the summer Camp scholarship. We continued to be amazed with how welcomed we felt every time we walked in the building. Our twins enjoyed camp last summer and we were able to focus the time that was needed on our son's surgery.


Our son Jonah has Crouzons Syndrome, a lifetime diagnosis that affects his Crainiofacial growth. Jonah has now completed 11 surgeries, at the age of 2, with more to come in his future. Each time he goes into surgery we know that we are supported by the family that we have built at the Y. The staff always checks in on him make sure that he is well, and there are certain staff members like Matt Humenay, that have formed strong relationships with our children, making the YMCA apart of their everyday desires. At the age of 4 & 2 they are already building a character of responsibility, health and physical wellness. They are also given chances to learn outside of the classroom.


If that post card never came in the mail, if the Y had never reached out to us, a family that needed somewhere affordable, accessible, and accepting, we would never realize the greatness that lies in this small building. What the Y has done for special needs children, making them feel like they have needs no different than anyone else, is reaching the lives and heart of people like us and people who are soon to come.”


-The Pearsall Family


The Pearsall's story is just one example of the many lives positively impacted by the Birmingham Family YMCA over the years. To find out more about the amazing impact the Birmingham Family YMCA has click on and view the teams below. Sign up to join a team and support your community by fundraising. Donate to one of our featured initiatives to make programs to more accessible for the children who need them most. We have the ability to change hundreds of lives for the better but it can only happen if we work together.

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