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Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo
Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser Photo

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Please go to:  to learn more and donate.



We are traveling over 18,000 MILES across the U.S. and Canada in an ELECTRIC VEHICLE (Tesla Model 3) and are attending baseball games in all 30 MLB ballparks in 30 days (or less) in order to:


- Raise awareness that all EVs are no longer short-range, city-trapped econoboxes.  A minimum goal to having 1,000 people take that first test drive in a superior, gas-free, super-low maintenance, instantaneouly torquing, game changing and FUN vehicle - and see that the future is NOW;


- Raise funds (and gain volunteers) for local Boys and Girls Club chapters throughout the country (with an initial goal of $1.00 per seat in each MLB stadium - totaling over $1.2M).  Raise awareness of the outstanding and wide ranging programs they provide our youth.  Educating that proactive investment in today's youth pays huge dividends.


- Celebrate America's Greatest Pastime - by completing the holy grail of baseball - watching games in each of the 30 MLB ballparks in less than 30 days (and working on these two important causes everyday along the way.)


 - Attempting to set a Guinness World Records for "Fastest Time to Visit and Watch a Complete Game in all 30 MLB Stadiums by Land" (and in an EV no less) -  and "Longest Journey by Electric Vehicle (non-solar)".  With the the combination of Tesla's range and the extensive Tesla Supercharging network - electric vehicles are no longer limited to short trips.


Visit our website at for:

- Interesting and humorous events during our travels;

- Recaps of each city, each ballpark and of course, each ballgame;

- Experiences travelling across the US in an EV - including daily EV topics;

- Education on the mission and value of Boys and Girls Clubs;

- Fun Trip Stats (miles travelled, speeding tickets, homeruns watched, etc.)

- Contests

- Baseball Trivia

- Leaderboard of Donations to local chapters of the Boys and Girls Club (by City).

- and much much more .......................


If you wish to make a donation of greater than $2,000, please click this link XXXXX to submit your pledge, then send your check (made out to Boys and Girls Club of America) to PO Box XXXX, Washington DC 200XX

PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY YOUTH AND HELP US REACH OUR GOAL (and go test drive an electric vehicle today).   THANKS!!


ALTERNATE SHORT VERSION: (focus on donation only / no distractions)

When donating, choose the city where you would like your funds to be directed towards by selecting from the pull down menu (each city is associated with their MLB team).  You can also designate your donation to BGCA's national organization to be used to develop programs and distribution to other cities. 

Designations to "EV Enthusiats" or "BGCA Bonus Fund" will be pooled into a bonus fund to be divided amongst the top 10 cities (donation per capita).


NOTE:   BGCA is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) organization and donations are tax deductible   ALL DONATIONS GO DIRECTLY TO THE BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA (or of Canada for the Toronto designations). 


Visit our website at for more information, including: Our travel blog; Game Recaps; EV information; Fun Trip Stats. BGCA information; baseball trivia, and much more.