Amina, 5: Music/ Speech Therapy Photo

The Story

Amina is a non-verbal autistic child.


Her mother writes, "Amina is my cute, adorable non verbal autistic child. She is love of my life . She went through so many health issues since she born . Since I heard that music therapy could help her in achieving her goals , I am trying to find a grant that can pay her music therapy , because I can't pay for therapies. Please help me in this matter . My strong belief is that music therapy will help my daughter in so many ways. She loves to take music class. She had a scholarship from KidScholly last Fall, and she gets so excited while playing with different musical instruments. This is helping her so much, and I really want her to be able to continue. "


Amina is already busy completing volunteer hours to earn this scholarship. Please help us make the hard work pay off by sponsoring this campaign.


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