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Helping Veterans with the "UNSEEN WOUNDS" of Combat



Regardless of any statistics... 8 out of 10 Post 9/11 Veterans are suffering with some degree of the " Unseen Wounds Combat", PTS ( Post Traumatic Stress) and TBI ( Traumatic Brian Injury) is almost normal when you consider their “ Multiple Deployments” and “Volatile Areas of Operations”. They did not experience one day of trauma- every single step they took for months they wondered if that next step would be their last considering how IED's ( Improvised Explosive Devices) were planted in the ground everywhere! 

These young men and woman are trained extremely well on how to fight and not let any obstacle get in their way. However they are mortal! They are not trained or prepared at all on life as a civilian! The sights they have witnessed and Brothers in Arms they have seen killed does affect them long after they are home.  Survivors Guilt- why weren’t “they” killed, Anxiety, Hyper Vigilance,  Flashbacks of sights they witnessed all play over and over again in their minds! When in active combat they have little if any time to mourn the losses they have suffered. Feelings and emotions are all pushed down deep inside of them, once home those emotions begin to rise to the surface! They question themselves "Why do I feel this way"?? "I just want to feel like myself again"!

PTS ( Post Traumatic Stress) and TBI ( Traumatic Brian Injury) effects our Warriors quality of life daily!  They just want to stop thinking , they want the pain to go away! PTS or TBI many times effects their ability to hold a job. If they are a recent Veteran their VA Health Benefits claims they filed may take 2 years to be processed correctly. IF that’s the case then…they are penniless, If they do not have a solid family structure to live with,  this leaves them homeless. No one is more Humble or Independent than a member of our military! They don’t want a handout!

We help our Veterans with references, education and support of their family as well as financial assistance when needed! We give them a hand UP!

If they go into extensive outpatient or inpatient therapy they need help with monthly bills. Many have families!

As families we all assume once they are home safe we can breathe that's our worries are over! That's not the case! Too many feel it’s a sign of weakness to express how they feel. Their minds remain in war! Too many are resorting to alcohol or drugs to cover their feelings.
The hopelessness they fell too often leads to suicide and that must stop!

America 4R Marines NPO is in the process of becoming America 4R Veterans! We've been assisting post 9/11 Veteran from all branches of the Armed Forces for over a year now.

Bottom line the suicide rate must go down to zero! These American Heroes must know there is help and HOPE!! We now must have their backs as they now must fight a different kind of battle- one for themselves!

These brave men and woman have fought to keep America the Land of the Free because of their Bravery! We MUST be there for them now!

God Bless all our Military past/present and their families




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