We want to make your After-School All-Stars Stair Climb event as easy and impactful as possible, so here’s a whole mess of helpful information, messaging samples and other tools for you to use.

Please bookmark this page to use as a reference for anything you could need to prepare for the event.


The goal of this event is to raise money to provide youth in Title I schools in New Jersey and NYC free, comprehensive, after school programs. Proceeds from the event will benefit ASAS’ various programs including our Sports as Hook program, which helps students become more active, healthy and empowered. To learn more about the ASAS and our programs, please visit www.as-as.org

Signing Up

    Registration Details

  1. There is a $100 registration fee.
  2. There is a mandatory $250 minimum fundraising requirement for all participants.
  3. Participants in the Climb 4 Kids must be at least 13 years old on event day.
  4. There are three participation options to choose from when registering:
    1. Climber: Climb to the 68th floor.
    2. Virtual Climb: Support After-School All-Stars even if you cannot climb to the top. Virtual climbers are invited to the after-party on October 20th. Take the elevator to the top!
    3. Volunteer: Help us out the day of the event! You also have the option of setting up a fundraising page. There is NO fundraising minimum as a volunteer.
  5. Registration will close at noon on October 17th, or when capacity is reached.
  6. Each participant must meet the fundraising requirement by October 18, 2016. Participants must agree to meet the minimum fundraising requirement in order to register. If the fundraising minimum is not met by this deadline, participants' credit cards will be charged $250 or the difference, should a portion of the $250 minimum be raised. We encourage you to use a credit card valid through at least October 2017 when registering to avoid any complications.
  7. You will not be able to complete your registration if you do not agree to meeting the fundraising requirement and to understanding that your credit card will be charged if the $250 minimum is not met by October 18th. Therefore, if you have registered, you have agreed to these terms. Please carefully read all of the terms and conditions as you are registering. All participants are responsible for reading what they agree to when registering.
  8. Once you have completed your registration, you can make a donation of $250 on your individual team page. You’ll be all set to participate but we still encourage you to fundraise beyond the $250 since all proceeds benefit our kids at ASAS!
  9. If you make a donation on your individual team page that is less than $250, you just have to raise the difference by the October 18th deadline. For instance, if you make an additional donation of $100 when you register, you'll just have to raise $150 before October 18th or your credit card will automatically be charged the difference.
  10. We ask that you register multiple participants as separate transactions. You will still be able to climb and fundraise as a group and make teams!
  11. You can climb with family and friends but you must be part of a team in order to be assigned the same start time. Please see Team Information for more details. Check back shortly for information on wave assignments.
  12. Participation is non-transferrable and registration fees are non-refundable. Your registration fee will become a fully tax-deductible contribution. We appreciate your understanding.

    Creating A Team

  1. You can form a team while you register online by selecting the option to "Create a Team" - you will become the Team Captain and will be asked to enter the Team Name. Those who wish to join your team can then register by selecting the option to "Join a Team."
  2. There are no limits on team size - sign up as many teammates as you can!
  3. To join an existing team, select the "Join a Team" option, and select the Team name from the drop-down menu. Once you find the team you wish to join, select it, click “Next Step”, and proceed with registration.
  4. Each member of a team needs to raise the $250 minimum. Each team member is responsible for meeting his or her own $250 minimum fundraising requirement. All donations must be credited to an individual participant.
  5. Group registration is not an option at this time. We ask that you register multiple participants as separate transactions
  6. A team can submit one check from its company for every team member's registration fee. A company can choose to cover the registration cost and minimum fundraising requirement for each team member as well, or hold each team member responsible for meeting the $250 minimum. The company will be invoiced for any minimum fundraising requirements that are not met by October 1, 2016 in order to allow for payment by the October 18, 2016 deadline.
  7. We will provide the Team Captain with a code that he or she will need to provide to each team member, who will then enter it when registering online. No credit card information will be required. Please note that codes cannot be issued until payment is received, so you will need to confirm the number of team members in advance. We appreciate the extra effort and planning this requires. Please contact NewarkNY@afterschoolallstars.org if you plan to pay by company check.

What To Expect

    Climbing Details

  1. You will be climbing up to the 68th Floor – that’s 1632 steps, including 96 landings.
  2. The number of steps varies per flight. There are a total of 1632 steps.
  3. The stairway is the same width throughout the whole distance of the climb.
  4. Participants will not have to pass through hallways.
  5. The stairwell winds to the right.
  6. There are three participation options to choose from when registering:
    • Full Climb - Climb to the 68th Floor
    • Virtual Climb - Take the Elevator to the 68th Floor or Climb from a Distance!
    • Volunteer – Roles include registration, set-up, after-party, and stairwell monitors.
  7. We are limiting the event to 350 participants – the earlier you register, the more likely you will be able to take part in this unique event!
  8. The time that it takes you to finish the climb depends on how many floors you climb, on your fitness level, speed and amount of time spent at rest areas. Elite Climbers may finish the 68-story climb in less than 9 minutes, while the average participant should take about 20-40 minutes to finish.
  9. The climb will be timed. Race directors will record your finish time. In order to receive an accurate time, please make sure your bib is clearly visible on the FRONT of the torso. Make sure your bib is pinned in all four corners so your number is clear and easily tracked.
  10. Climbers can stop on a landing to catch their breath. However, be aware that other participants are behind you, so please try to stay out of their way. Slower climbers should move to the right, allowing faster climbers to pass on the left.
  11. If you are unable to finish the climb just find a volunteer or staff member who can escort you to the nearest rest area and direct you to an elevator.
  12. Due to security restrictions, participants will NOT be allowed to wear their bunker/turnout gear, scott packs, etc. during the event. Please contact NewarkNY@afterschoolallstars.org if you have any questions.
  13. An Elite Climber is a competitive stair climber who routinely participates in stair climb events and can run up the stairs, completing the climb in a very fast time. Most participants are NOT considered Elite Climbers. The average participant will climb at a moderate pace and consider a 68-story climb to be more strenuous than their typical gym workout.
  14. A Virtual Climber is a participant who wants to support ASAS and our mission to run comprehensive after-school programs that keep our students safe and help them succeed in school and life but cannot be there on event day or isn't up for climbing stairs to the 68th Floor.
  15. Virtual Climbers will register online, and meet the $250 fundraising minimum just like actual climbers. They can then complete the climb “virtually” or join us on Thursday, October 2th where they will be escorted to the 68th Floor of 4 World Trade Center.
  16. Virtual climbers are welcome to join us on the 68th Floor! Virtual Climbers can enter the building at any time between 5 pm and 8 pm. Virtual Climbers must go through security outside on the street in addition to any additional security check-points inside the building. If you are trying to meet an actual climber please coincide your arrival/entry time with that climber's entry into the building.


    Packet Pick-up, Start Times and Wave Assignments

  1. Your registration packets will be given to you the day of the event at the registration booths outside of 4 World Trade Center.
  2. All climbers MUST have a bib in order to participate. Wave assignments will be given to you the day of the event. Climbers that identify as Elite climbers during the registration process will be the first wave of climbers.
  3. Climbers' start times must be staggered, with Elite Climbers starting in the first waves. This is done to in order to ensure that the stairways aren’t congested and to ensure everyone's safety in the stairwells.
  4. You will be able to climb with your team, family, or group of friends. However, you must be part of a team in order to be assigned the same start time. Please make sure to indicate what team you are climbing with.
  5. Team members will be assigned the same start time UNLESS a team member indicates that he or she is an elite climber while the rest of the team is not. All elite climbers will be assigned to one of the initial waves. Check back shortly for information on wave assignments.

    Day of Registration

  1. The event registration will begin at 5:00 pm. The first wave will begin promptly at 5:30 pm. Please plan to arrive at Four World Trade Center NO LATER than 30 minutes PRIOR to your assigned start time to allow time to pass through security. All participants must have their bibs in order to participate in the event.
  2. Virtual Climbers can enter the building at any time between 5:00 pm and 8 pm. Virtual Climbers must go through security outside on the street in addition to any additional security check-points inside the building. If you are trying to meet an actual climber please coincide your arrival/entry time with that climber's entry into the building. All Virtual Climbers must pick up their bib and wear it on the day of the Climb in order to participate.
  3. We highly recommend that you take public transportation to the event. Four World Trade Center is located in lower Manhattan and is easily accessible by many subway lines. For directions and updated service advisories, please visit www.mta.info.
  4. We will be contacting you through email to let you know where you should enter Four World Trade Center once you arrive on the day of the event.
  5. All bags and personal items will be checked on the 68th floor of the building prior to climbing.
  6. For safety and security reasons electronic, photography and video recording will NOT be permitted in the stairwell. Please DO NOT bring or wear any electronic or recording devices (including Go-Pro’s, selfie-sticks, IPods, etc.) or bring a camera with you while you are climbing. There will be numerous security check-points and you will risk the possibility of being asked to remove your device. ASAS is not responsible for any personal items/valuables.
  7. There will be multiple water stations along the climb and also at the start and finish lines.
  8. Due to space limitations and security restrictions, no spectators are allowed in the stairwell. Your friends or family members can participate as virtual climbers if they would like to meet you on the 68th Floor. (Please note the fundraising minimum applies to virtual climbers.)
  9. All participants in The Climb 4 Kids will receive an event t-shirt. Note that on the day of the climb (Thursday, October 20th 2015), t-shirts will only be available outside at packet pick-up and not on the 68th Floor.

    Amazing Prizes to Win For Our Top Climbers!

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD

Tips to Lead A Successful Campaign


Telling your story- Why are you fundraising?

  • Take a few minutes to think about why you signed up for the Climb 4 Kids. We Climb to raise $150,000 to fund our comprehensive after school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and life. #Whydoyouclimb? #WhatsYourClimb? and what takes you to the top? Pinpoint what inspired you to participate in the Climb helps you make a compelling case to inspire others to contribute to your fundraising efforts.

Make it Personal

  • Use unique, impactful details to tell the story. Let everyone know about your climb and why it’s important.
  • Put a face on your fundraiser. Add your own pics, story and even a video. People are way more likely to donate to a person they can relate to than a great cause alone. Make sure you encourage your fellow climbers/fundraisers to do the same!
  • Let your donors know the direct impact their donation has. Make their contribution tangible by suggesting amounts that will lead to real life results. For example, “Every $250 I raise provides a comprehensive and innovative after school program to a child in an under resourced community”

Setting your fundraising Goal

  • Now that you’ve thought about why you’re fundraising for After-School All-Stars, it’s time to set your fundraising goal. While $250 is the minimum amount you must raise to participate in the climb, we encourage you to set your goal even higher! Every dollar you raise will help bring our programs to more underserved kids throughout the region.
  • You can UP your fundraising goal at any time:
    • Log in to your fundraiser page
    • Click “Edit Fundraiser”
    • Scroll down to see the spot to change your goal
    • Hit “Save”
  • Once you hit your goal, don’t stop there, and set a higher goal! Continue to message your list of supporters with the good news
    • EXAMPLE: “We’ve still got so much time to fundraise and since I met my goal of XX I decided to try and raise another $1,000. Help us do so by going to my page and donating now.”
  • Keep in mind that when people see the percentage thermometer on your fundraising page, that can impact and inspire how much they give and when they give.
  • Remember, you can always continue to raise your goal once you achieve it! People are most inspired to give when they feel their gift will help push you over the edge of achieving your goal, so keep your goal just out of reach until the final days leading up to the climb, to maximize your donations!

Smart Fundraising

  • If you care about giving back, we bet your family and friends do too! Here are the top 4 ways ask them to support your fundraiser:
    • In-person conversations
    • Phone calls
    • Emails:
      • Sending personalized emails is more effective than a mass solicitation.
      • This and other forms of direct messaging drive registration and donations better than social media. Recipients are way more likely to see and respond to the message if it’s sent straight to them rather than posted somewhere. If possible, try emailing in batches of 10, not 1,000 or even 100. It makes people feel like you’re reaching out specifically to them, so they’re much more likely to help or get involved.
    • Social Media:
      • Social media posts: Post daily pictures, statuses and videos of you with the #IClimbFor or #MyClimbIs and showing how you are preparing for the Climb 4 Kids 2016.
      • Tag your friends on Facebook and Twitter; Tag us as well: @ASASNY & @ASASNewark
  • There are thousands of causes that you could fundraise for, and your network is interested in hearing why you have chosen to support After-School All-Stars. Thus, feel free to use the sample emails, and social media posts below to share with your network!
  • Make those that sign up for the climb and those that donate feel appreciated. Send them messages to say thank-you and let them know you’re grateful for their contributions.

Engage Your Donors

  • Make people feel involved and committed to your climb by keeping them in the loop with updates on your CrowdRise page, web sites and social media pages.
  • Use deadlines and goals to create some urgency and rally support.
  • Reach back out. Don’t be afraid to message your donors two or even three times throughout your campaign. Be relentless. It’s for a good cause!

Be a proactive Climb Captain

  • Recruit climbers through social media, email, and personal networks
  • Prepare a detailed agenda for climbers
  • Communicate with climbers leading up to the climb, including but not limited to sending weekly emails to with information on the climb and fundraising tips/updates
  • Be the point of contact (available and ready for phone calls) on climb day, arrive early at the climb site, have extra supplies available for those who need it
  • Be the leader, the coach and the inspiration for fellow climbers
  • Provide the following information to your team members no less than 10 days in advance of the climb. ASAS staff can help put this together for you.
    • Exact location to meet prior to the hike/climb (please provide specific address or coordinates)
    • What time to meet & what time you will begin you
    • Approximately how long it will take
    • Everything they need to bring—gear, snacks, any special clothing, etc.
    • Directions to the meeting spot
    • Optional suggestions for what to bring
    • A list of what not to bring
    • How to prepare during the week leading up to the event
    • Tips for a strong finish to their fundraising campaign

Sample Messaging

Sample Email to Join Team (Past Team Participants)

Hello _______,

As you may know, last year [insert team’s name] participated in After-School All-Stars of NY-NJ’s fundraising event at 4 World Trade Center, Climb 4 Kids. Through our participation, we were able to raise _______ to help ASAS-NYNJ continue to provide programming for youths in the Eastern Region of the US. Way to go team!

This year, Climb 4 Kids is more than just a fundraiser; it is an opportunity for self-perseverance and empowerment! We are asking our fellow [insert team’s name] partners to join us for year two as we give it all we got, and take it to the top of 4 WTC with ASAS-NYNJ.

We climbed last year. This year, we will Power Our Climb.

Click here to learn how to join [team’s name] team today!

Sample Donation Email (Option #1)

Email Subject: 68 floors. 1,632 steps. Help me #PowerMyClimb!

Dear _______,

On October 20th, I will be climbing 1,632 steps up 4 World Trade Center at the event Climb 4 Kids, to support After-School All-Stars, an organization I’m passionate about. I hope you will support me!

Here’s where you can help: https://www.crowdrise.com/AllStarClimb4Kids/YOURWEBSITELINK

I have a fundraising goal of $____, and in order to be successful, I’d love for you to contribute any way you can. To date, I have raised $______ and I have _____ more days to reach my goal.

ASAS in New Jersey and New York
Over the past year, ASAS expanded its reach in New Jersey and New York. ASAS provides free, high-quality programs every day after school. This fall, ASAS will be expanding to 3 additional schools in New Jersey to serve a total of 1,400 students every day in a safe environment that exposes them to new interests and opportunities to contribute to their current and future successes! I’m asking you to support me so that ASAS can reach even more kids in our community.

This year I want to #PowerMyClimb with ASAS-NY/NJ to help their students succeed in school and in life, and you can help me to make that possible.

Thank you for your support


1. Include the hyperlink of your fundraising page in your email.
2. Keep your fundraising goals up to date when you’re sending out emails.
3. Send emails regularly. The more often you share updates, the more likely you will reach your goals.

Sample Donation Email (Option #2)

[NAME of recipient],

On October 20th, I will be climbing 68 floors of 4 World Trade Center in support of After-School All-Stars’ fundraiser, Climb 4 Kids. It's going to be amazing!

I'm reaching out to you to help me raise [YOUR FUNDRAISING GOAL] which will provide 1,400 students throughout the New Jersey and New York the ability to attend comprehensive after-school programs that keep them safe and help them succeed in school and life. Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Just click here [LINK TO YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE] to check out my fundraiser and click the big donate button. Please give what you can. It'll take you about ten seconds.

Here are some quick facts about After-School All Stars and why it is so important:

Over the past year, ASAS expanded its reach to serve more kids in New Jersey and New York that might otherwise not have the opportunity to have a safe place to go to after school. ASAS provides free, high-quality programs that expose them to new interests and opportunities to contribute to their current and future successes! I’m asking you to support me so that ASAS can reach even more kids in our community.

This year I want to #PowerMyClimb with ASAS-NY/NJ to help their students succeed in school and in life, and you can help me to make that possible.

Together, let us raise $150,000 for Climb 4 Kids and truly change the lives of hundreds of students and parents.

Thanks so much for your support!


Sample Climber Recruiting Email

[NAME of recipient],

On Thursday October 20th 2016, I’m leading a team up the 4 World Trade Center as a part of Climb 4 kids 2016, the annual fundraiser hosted by After-School All-Stars (ASAS). ASAS provides comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and life. It’s going to be a blast and I’d love for you to join me!

The goal of the event is to get people who are passionate about advancing After-School All-Stars’ mission and those who want to get a good exercise to come out and have a little fun while giving one more student in the New Jersey and New York area the ability to attend an enriching after-school program.

Leading up to the big day, I’ll be fundraising for Climb 4 Kids to continue to help After-School All-Stars in their efforts to expand their outreach to even more under-resourced communities. It’d be so awesome if you’d join my team to help me make a difference in the lives of so many students, not to mention marvel at the view of New York skyline from the 4 World Trade Center.

Just click here [LINK TO YOUR TEAM PAGE] to register. If you need more information on how to join, click here. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

If you’re not able to join, I’d truly appreciate your support. It only takes about 23 seconds to donate and make a real impact for the students in New York and New Jersey. Just click here [LINK TO YOUR TEAM PAGE] and click the big ‘Donate’ button.

Help me #PowerMyClimb by either joining my team or donating to my team. I’m counting on you!

Thanks so much and enjoy your day. [YOUR NAME]

Sample Gratitude Email (Thanking Donors)


I just wanted to personally thank you for supporting my Climb 4 Kids fundraiser.

It truly means the most to me to have the support of amazing people like you. Together, we are providing more comprehensive after school programs to more students in the New York and New Jersey area. Every dollar I raised provides support to ASAS-NYNJ, which gives kids in low-income communities the opportunity to be safe after school and succeed in their academic and personal life.

Thanks again for your contribution to my cause. I’m so very grateful.


Social Media Posts

We’re proud to be partnering with you to promote our upcoming Climb 4 Kids at 4 World Trade Center to benefit our New York and New Jersey students. Here is some suggested social media content to help you spread the word and to encourage your network to get involved.


https://www.facebook.com/ASASNY/ @ASASNY


https://www.twitter.com/ASASNY/ @ASASNewYork

#Myclimbis______ and I believe that I (overcome)/(achieve it)/(I am up for the challenge) On October 20th help me #powermyclimb with After School-All Stars as I climb 68 floors to the top of 4 World Trade Center for an amazing cause!

#IClimbfor ________ On October 20th help me make a difference and #powermyclimb with After School-All Stars as I climb 68 floors to the top of 4 World Trade Center for an amazing cause!

I’m climbing to the top of 4 @world trade center on October 20th to support an organization I truly care about, @ASASNewark & @ASASNY. Please support me any way you can. Visit whttp://www.crowdrise.com/AllStarClimb4Kids/your website link and donate to my page. #Climb4Kids

Looking for a challenge? Climb to the top of 4 @world trade center with me on October 20th. My team name is (team name). Please donate to my page if you’re not able to Climb, thank you! http://www.crowdrise.com/AllStarClimb4Kids/your website link #Climb4Kids

I’m at ___% to my goal, help me raise funds for the organization I hold near to my heart, After-School All-Stars. Check it out here: #Climb4Kids @ASASNY http://www.crowdrise.com/AllStarClimb4Kids/your website link

“None of my rules of success will work unless you do.” Join me 10/20 and please help me succeed at raising $____ for @ASASNY @World Trade Center #Climb4Kids

Give back to @Schwarzenegger’s charity. Please support @ASASNY, which provides free after-school programs to Newark and NYC youth! http://www.crowdrise.com/AllStarClimb4Kids/your website link #Climb4Kids


If you ever have any questions, concerns, suggestions, feedback, advice please reach out to Melissa Neubart. (email) For anything related to your CrowdRise campaign, email Melissa N. and you’ll get the fastest, most helpful reply ever.

ASAS will provide all the materials necessary to ensure that you are successful in leading your campaign, whether it be emails to send to potential climbers, sample social media posts, access to weekly conference calls with ASAS staff to brainstorm and troubleshoot. We are here to make this unique event a beautiful experience for all of our participants!

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