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EVENT DATE: Oct 04, 2013

We understand that never before, in the history of Ragnar, have wheels been authorized on the course...until now!  


HERE WE GO!!!!   Van departing at 0330 EST on 4 OCT.  First runner, Heather, starts at 0700.  To continue to spread our message of inclusion far and wide, Ainsley and her Ragnarians (AR13) will relay run nearly 200 miles from Cumberland, MD to Washington DC on 4-5 October 2013.  Watch this video...then read below, most of the orange text represent links to some very special sites, enjoy!


Made up of 12 former and current active duty members of our Nation's Armed Services (see bios below), Ainsley's Ragnarians have committed to running for a cause and purpose:  to raise awareness and funds for myTEAM TRIUMPH: Ainsley's Angels of Southwest Louisiana, Eastern Carolina, and Maryland!


What is Ragnar?


Ragnar is an overnight running relay race that makes testing your limits a team sport.  Ainsley, plus her team of 12 Ragnarians, will each run at least 3 individual legs of the journey.  Each leg varies in difficulty and distance, from 3-8 miles, allowing elite and novice runners to run together. Over 2 days and 1 night, Ainsley’s team will run across nearly 200 miles of the country’s most scenic terrain in route to our Nation’s capital. 


Who is Ainsley?


Ainsley does not talk or walk; she does not play for fun; but she smiles, while out for a run. An inspiration to thousands, she is an amazing little girl with a smile that will light up any room. Shortly after being diagnosed with an extremely rare progressive genetic nerve disorder called Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD), Ainsley completed the Surfer's Healing Virginia Beach 5K road race. Her first of many running-aided, wind-induced smiles took our family's collective breath away as she received her finisher's medal and became an official Team Hoyt Virginia Beach (THVB) ATHLETE! Inspired by Dick and Rick Hoyt, and the only running team authorized by the Hoyt's to use their name, THVB provided Ainsley's family with a therapeutic means to fight the devastation associated with learning and trying to live with the fact that your child has a terminal illness. The positive energy surrounding the start line, the children smiling from ear to ear, the togetherness of every member preparing to "roll with the wind", the fearlessness of the athletes, the normalcy of the family, and the love we all have for each other is a therapy like no other. In an effort to spread this amazing experience to as many people as possible, Ainsley's Angels aims to see other families experience what the Hoyt's have experienced over 1000 times and what we have experienced over 55 times (so far). As such, we created this chapter of myTEAM Triumph to ensure others can "roll with the wind" and live up to the philosophy of, "Yes You Can."


Please visit our websites (LA or NC) and/or be sure to connect with/"LIKE" us on Facebook  (LA and NC)!


All donations are critical! Since we currently do not have any membership fees for our Captains (those we push) or our Angels (those who push), our mission is dependent on support from sponsors.  Donations will be used for: maintaining our enclosed equipment trailer, purchasing and maintaining jogger chairs, bike trailers, and boat rafts, purchasing team uniforms, race entries for our Captains, ensuring all Captains never pay for a single event, and ensuring we can continue to provide for the best events possible for our Captains and their families! We also aim to eventually support local special needs schools, programs, and organizations, while also hoping to experience an out-of-area trip/race for our special athletes.

In the event you prefer to mail a donation, here is the address (include your email address and we will quickly e-mail your donation receipt for tax-deduction purposes: 

myTEAM TRIUMPH - Ainsley's Angels (Attn: AR13)

113 Vanessa Ave,  Lake Charles, LA 70605


You read about Ainsley above, now let us introduce her RAGNARIANS!

Runner 1, Jess Bice:   Due to the government shut down, Jess will be unable to join us.  As such, the other ladies on our team will run her legs! 

We will miss our Ragnar alumni!


Runner 2, Heather Federici:  A Ragnarian...she joined us a week before the race started!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Runner 3 Active-duty Marine Captain Maggie Seymour, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, she assisted Ainsley and I during the Marine Corps Marathon and is a very active Team Hoyt VB member that recently single-handedly pushed a young lady in the MCM and earned the title, Ironman.


Runner 4, Jamie Chapp, He has no social media accounts #armyinfantry! :)


Runner 5, Former Navy AO2 Dennis Welsh (BEAST! A huge fan of Ainsley's Angels, a team organizer and critcal element of Hampton Roads Runners, and a very active runner and advocate for Team Hoyt VB.  He qualified for and pushed Tim Brown in the Boston Marathon last year (was a personal guest of Dick and Rick Hoyt),  pushed a young man in the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon, and served as the pace-keeper for the women's winner of the 2011 and 2012 Disney Marathon just 10 days ago). As if that is not enough, he plans to break 6 world records this September, while pushing multiple young special needs children in thier jogger chairs for 24 hours, non-stop.


Runner 6, Joe Orth: A United States Marine Staff Sergeant, that recently transitioned from active duty to reserve status, he is a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, he has pushed Ainsley in a half-marathon and a 10K. He is a very close friend of Ainsley's family.


Runner 7,   Carmen Raglio: An active duty Army Major, Carmen's bio will be posted soon!


Runner 8, Sean Heritage:  A proud father who happens to be United States Navy Commander, he recently joined Ainsley's Angels while attending training in Norfolk with Ainsley's father.  He was so inspired by Ainsley's story and the Rossiter Philosophy that he sought out the first opportunity available to participate with Ainsley's Angels and Team Hoyt.  Dressed in a pink cape and underwear, he helped push Ainsley's Chariot in the Wicked 10K.  An avid teambuilder, leader, and mentor (not to mention Ironman finisher), he uses his platform, as one of the ways he demonstrates his personal commitment to actively participating in and growing what he calls his "Do Loop of Choice"...Inspire<-->Be Inspired.


Runner 9, Phil Strong: Our novice runner who was so moved by Ainsley's Angels and the mission that he jumped onboard the Ragnarian train! A computer network and software expert, Phil has supported the DOD and intelligence community at large through his civilian employment. He is a husband, father, community leader, and a committed member of our team. His wife, Lisa, will also be serving as a Ragnar Volunteer for the MD to DC race.


Runner 10, Ainsley Rossiter: Our team's inspiration, more of her story can be found in a children's book written my her sister, Briley.  Born An Angel captures the sisters' relationship and running story.  Her legs for this race will be provided by her father, Marine Major Kim "Rooster" Rossiter.


Runner 11, Jason Zeruto:  Active Duty Army Captain who has a long history of competitive running and marathoning and participated in The Best Ranger Competition. He is a decorated, multiple tour combat veteran of OEF and OIF. This Army Ranger has run for many charitable causes and is excited to support Ainsley's Angels in his first Ragnar race. Jason is married to Ligeia and together they have 4 children.


Runner 12 and our Lead Angel,  Ligeia Zeruto:  A former collegiate and semi-professional runner, Ligeia is now an Active Duty Major and mother to 3 children. The most recent addition in September 2012! Along with Jason, she has raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations in the past several years and hopes to do the same for Ainsley's Angels. Ligeia has served as captain and coach for US Army Ten Miler Teams as well as a number of installation marathon teams on behalf of the Army. This is her first Ragnar and she is serving as the team captain. Ligeia is also a combat veteran of OIF and OEF.

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