A New Van for Homeboy Industries Photo
A New Van for Homeboy Industries Photo
A New Van for Homeboy Industries Photo

The Story

A New Van for Homeboy Industries – more than 4 wheels, it’s a vehicle for hope.


For the first time in his life, Carlos is truly hopeful. He’s a 24-year-old former gang-member fresh out of prison with two children and no prospects for the future. But he’s just signed on for an 18-month program that will help him develop resilience, re-identify himself in the world and learn job skills that will help him go “legit” through Homeboy Industries’ programs.*


In any given month, roughly 170 men and women like Carlos are engaged full-time in learning to flourish through Homeboy Industries. But first they have to overcome giant obstacles. And their case managers are their first line of support.


Carlos’ case manager will help him meet his obligations, become responsible, and make decisions that will positively affect him for years.  S/he will take him to parole officer appointments and court appearances, doctor and pharmacy trips, visits to see his kids who might be in a Youth Authority camp a couple hours away.


Over the course of many months, Carlos will learn to do these things for himself. But right now this is all new. And his case manager is integral to his growth.


Homeboy Industries’ Case Managers also pick up diaper donations, help clients move to safe neighborhoods, and occasionally take them on field trips.


Currently, 8 case managers serving 170 clients share ONE van. Can you help us buy another one?


Your gift today will literally DOUBLE our capacity to help our clients meet their needs. It will help pave the road to recovery. Thank you!


* Yes, Carlos is a composite character, representative of the kind of client Homeboy regularly engages.