THREE SAINTS OUTDOOR: 8,000 Meter Challenge

THREE SAINTS OUTDOOR: 8,000 Meter Challenge Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Sep 06, 2017

Founded by Mark Fulton in 1995, with five original participants, this unique event has grown to several hundred participants.  It is a team event, not a race, in which retailers compete for the coveted "Summit Party Trophy;" a vintage ice ax engraved with team member's names. The 8,000 Meter Challenge is Southern California's ultimate dealer hiking challenge, open exclusively to outdoor industry retail staff.  Participants climb So Cal's three highest peaks, the "Three Saints," in one day: first hike 9 miles up 10,064' San Antonio (aka "Mt. Baldy"), then they hike 18 miles up 11,502' San Gorgonio, and finish with a 12-mile hike, to 10,804' San Jacinto, for a total of 40 miles and 12,000 feet elevation gain! So far, the event has raised over $25,000 for BCM, providing dozens of under-rescourced youth with transformative wilderness experiences. Register today!