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Give $1 Dollar and Take a Stand.

I find it a sad example of humanity when an individual with massive wealth makes a joke out of the funding needs of non-profit groups. The amount of work that could be done by individuals who sacrifice their own needs in order to serve and help others is amazing. I would never withhold one penny over politics or self-promotion! I give my time, my money and my support every day where ever I can to those who are serving our communities to make them better, stronger, happier places.
I don't care if you have $1 or Millions you are allowed to choose to do what you want with your money. I do not fault an individual for being successful or wealthy - that's what America is all about - bettering your life and those around you that you love!
If you can give some back to the communities where you became successful - well then I believe you and the world will be better for it. If you choose to keep your support to your own personal and individual goals - then good for you too. It's your money and your life and your right to do that.
BUT - DO NOT - use that wealth and money as a mockery of anyone who has ever tried to fund a non-profit or raise dollars for good causes. It is insulting and just plain wrong. The human beings out there who could create endowments, feed children, provide shelter, education, medicine or SO MANY other things with 5,000,000 dollars is overwhelming to think about.

I want to show people what that looks like. Selfless giving to those in need.
The people in the Crowdrise community know what that means and how to do it.

Please Join Me Today!

$1, $5, 25, $500, $5000 - I don't care what you give - just give and we will show them what we can do with those dollars.

Where will the money go you ask? I have some ideas - BUT I also want to put that back to you. If we make our goal I will take 5 agencies and give them each one million dollars.

I have a few that I love and would like to support, but I also want to hear from you. If you have an agency that you are passionate about contact me and lets get them funded.

Heck we can do 10 agencies and give them 500k each - THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!

I am looking for agencies that make direct impacts in communities in need. I love research groups and national non profits and I give to them - however they have so many channels to raise funds and so much awareness that I think we can do more for a small agency on the cusp of doing something BIG. Lets find these good people and give them what they need to take it to the next level and be successful!

Right now I would like to look at some of the funding to go to Girls on The Run of South Hampton Roads
Check it out... one of the best agencies I have worked with in a long time!

Also - I would consider some other local agencies here in my hometown - South Hampton Roads, VA who do great things...

Hope House
For Kids
The Dwelling Place
Raising a Reader

But we can fund someone in your Hometown TOO! What do you love? Who are you passionate about helping! Let's do this! I know we can.

There are so many people across the country and around the world who do good. Lets reward them and support them. That is behavior and respect they deserve and I intend to see that it happens.



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Mary is working on selecting a charity so you can support 5 MILLION STRONG.