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5-Day Tahoe Rim Trail Attempt

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BENEFITING: Tahoe Rim Trail Association


EVENT DATE: Aug 03, 2010

Allie Almario


Jim Hammerel wrote -

Starting on August 3, 2010, I'm going to attempt a solo, unassisted hike of the 180+ miles of the Tahoe RIm Trail in just 5 days. The trip typically takes around two weeks.

The morning of August 3, I plan to roll out of bed, grab my backpack and hike to the Tahoe Rim Trail from my home in Incline Village, NV on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. The ascent to the TRT trailhead alone is 4,000 vertical feet. From there, I plan to fastpack with no stops for food or assistance throughout the 180+ mile journey around the Lake. Five days later, I plan to walk back to my home (sore feet and all), the same way I left.

I'm hoping to raise money to assist the Tahoe Rim Trail ( in their efforts to maintain and enhance the Tahoe Rim Trail and continue their community outreach programs. If you have a fiver that you can spare, send it my way.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
Q: What are you going to eat?
A: All my food will be brought with me. Most people choose to leave a food cache or drop along the trail somewhere, but this means their hike has been assisted. I plan to make the trek unassisted meaning I pack it in, I pack it out. I'll be eating a variety of dry, bland, high carb, high protein foods during my 5-day stint. No burgers or fries here.

Q: Where will you sleep?
A: I'll be sleeping in an ultralight hammock every night. A tent is too heavy for this trip, so I'll be sleeping under the starts in the great Sierra Mountains.

Q: Won't you get eaten by a bear?
A: A valid question, but no. Bears in the Sierra Nevada Mountains are black bears. They'll probably stay pretty far away from me. However, they will be interested in my backpack full of food which means I have to hang my backpack from a tree with rope every night so my breakfast doesn't get poached.

Q: Won't you get lonely?
A: Probably. Want to join me?

Q: Will you have cell phone service?
A: Sometimes. I will have some sort of GPS tracking device so you can track my path around the Lake. Donors will get a special web URL to watch my progress. Makes you want to donate, doesn't it?

Q: What are you doing to trail for this?
A: Nothing really. Besides my ordinary recreation (biking, paragliding, swimming in the lake, hiking), I'm not really doing anything. I'm hoping that the 'armchair athlete' in me will carry me through.

Q: TRT in only 5 days, are you crazy?
A: My sources say 'yes'.


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In honor of my beautiful Lake Tahoe - you suckerpunch me in the winter, but I do love you in the summer. Good luck, Jim! 10 years ago