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EVENT DATE: Aug 22, 2015

"Forever Improving the Lives of Animals in our Community" ~ TCRAS Mission Statement


Paws in the Park 2K Dog Walk for Pledges is not just another fundraising event - it's a helping hand in more ways than one: it's an opportunity to help a sheltered pet get a second chance at a life they deserve and an opportunity to support and encourage the participant who is taking time out of their Saturday morning to walk for TCRAS for a chance to win some pretty incredible prizes for their efforts:


1st Place - Apple iMac Desktop

(highest pledge collector over $1100)

2nd Place - Apple MacBook Air

(highest pledge collector over $800)

3rd Place - Apple iPad Air 2

(highest pledge collector over $500)

4th Place - Custom Log Frame Dog Bed

(highest pledge collector over $300)

5th Place - Beats Solo 2 Wired Headphones

(highest pledge collector over $100)


Each year almost 800 dogs and cats in need–lost, abandoned, homeless, abused or neglected–find loving hands, warm beds and nourishing meals at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter until they are reunited with their frantic owners or re-homed with people who will make sure they will have the lives they deserve.


The shelter, a limited admissions facility, gives every animal that enters its doors, the time, medical treatment and love it needs to be ready for their next, happy phase. Some of the animals remain at TCRAS for several weeks until the right family is found; some require hundreds of dollars of treatment, like Spright, the stray pit bull mix with a hopelessly damaged leg, who received surgery and weeks of foster care. Then was adopted by a local vet and proved to be so charismatic, she was elected Mayor of Divide by local voters when she competed against several other Teller County pets.


“Older animals, three-legged animals, blind animals, and dozens of healthy dogs and cats and scores of litters–they’re all the same to us. They deserve our time and attention and efforts to move from this difficult life phase to one in which they will be happy and contribute to the happiness of the people who adopt them,” said a TCRAS Volunteer.

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TCRAS Paws in the Park

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Team Organizer's Photo

Paws in the Park

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