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3 Little Halos Safety Town Inc

Empowering Greater Cincinnati youth through proper safety education in a fun, little town!

www.3lhsafetytown.org Tax ID 83-1270425


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate children of all ages in a fun, interactive little town. Our goal is to empower area youth by helping them protect themselves through good, safe descisions. We also work to give parents/guardians the tools needed to continue our safety practices at home. Our expected outcome is to reduce the number of needless tragedies thorugh interactive and in-depth safety practices. 

Our History

3 little Halos Safety Town was formed through the 3 little Halos Fund with the West Chester•Liberty Community Foundation. The 3 little Halos Fund was formed in the late 2000’s by Jim and Susan Butler after a tragic home fire took the lives of their three eldest grandchildren - Aubrey, Alex and Braden Butler. This tragedy was completely avoidable and the 3lH fund works to partner with local Fire Safety entities to ensure that no family has to experience the type of tragedy that The Butler Family endured. 

Currently, we are in advanced discussions regarding land acquisiton, however, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has brought those discussions to a stand-still. Once land is acquired, we will be launching our Capital Campaign and will begin procurring additional funding for our Phase One build of Safety Town (approx. $5.8m). Safety Town will be a permanent brick and mortar community built on over 4 acres. It will feature fully utilizing scale built buildings (5/8 scale), paved streets, side walks, parks, street signs/lights, motorized vehicles, a 4,000 sq. ft. educational community center and more. 

3 little Halos Safety Town will be the first Safety Town community of it's size in the United States and the only permanent, year-round organization of it's kind in Greater Cincinnati. Our current curriculum focuses on 15 various safety topics including, but not limited too: Fire, Household, Traffic, Cyber, First Aid, Weapon, Predator and Animal. We are currently working on building our curriculum by working with local educators and safety professionals to ensure our teaching material is of the most up-to-date and forward-looking information.