3 Legs for 3 Lives


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The Story

EVENT DATE: Aug 08, 2015

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Sep 21, 2015

It's been a year for the Hagney-Lorek clan. We've had three beautiful lives taken from us in unexpected ways. Through this campaign, I hope to bring you an understanding of the three maladies that took the lives of Grandma Isabelle, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Wayne. Alzheimer’s, depression and a heart attack have cut deeply into my family and other families alike. The pain, the confusion and understanding surrounding these deaths have been present and everyone has grieved in their own way.


I don’t expect you to give these organizations your entire grocery budget for the month, but I do hope that you read the stories and if you feel touched or inspired leave a few bucks for each leg of the race. I encourage you to gather your own knowledge and be persistent with conversations about these chronic health conditions with your own family, friends and colleagues alike. You’ll never know how far a “how are you?” will go.


This is an online platform to spur a conversation in your own community about what is not always easy to talk about. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Each of their stories, tied to a leg of the race:


SWIM August 2014 Grandma Isabelle passed away from Alzheimer's. I remember her best at her 80th birthday party in Rockford, Illinois, smiling ear-to-ear with everyone at the same place at the same time. She asked all the time 'are you happy?' and 'Marisa, how are your ballet classes?' Even though our talks were brief, she always remembered my name and how much I love dance. Accordaing to the Alzheimer's Foundation, every 67 seconds someone in the US develops the disease and one in three seniors dies of Alzheimer's or dementia (http://www.alz.org/facts/overview.asp).

This swim is for you Grandma.


BIKE December 2014 Aunt Kathy, who was struggling with depression, passed away. I remember Kathy’s tremendous laugh and embrace the time my cousin Molly, my mom and I ate pizza in an Idaho bar, a time where she helped my own family through the rockiest of times. She was a care-taker at heart and her compassion, listening ear and understanding are all qualities we could never forget. The National Institute of Mental Illness tells us that 1 in 5 adults experiences mental illness in a given year (http://1.usa.gov/1Br6jMh)

I bike for you Kathy.


RUN March 2015 Uncle Wayne passed away form a heart attack. My family is so thankful that we were able to spend time with him, Aunt Donna and their kids this winter. I will never forget our snowshoe hike, Wayne romping in the snow in his sunglasses, jeans and fur cap, his youthful appearance matching his sense of humor. In the US, someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds and every 60 seconds, someone in the United States dies from a heart disease-related event (The Heart Foundation: http://bit.ly/1oobYST).

I run in your honor of you, Wayne.



This Crowdrise campaign will open for Marisa's Lake Tye Olympic Triathlon – Saturday, August 8th

And closes for Marisa's Kirkland Sprint Triathlon - Sunday, Sept. 20th

You will have 44 days to support three great organizations:

  • The Alzheimer's Association (http://www.alz.org/)
  • The National Alliance of Mental Illness (https://www.nami.org/)
  • The American Heart Association (http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/)