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We have been renting from a guy who we believe is renting out this place not even up to code but the price was right. It's a single family home that has been converted into 2 units. The front part of the house has 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms rented out by other people. Recently he converted a 1 car garage into another bedroom to earn more income. Does he have permits to do so? Who knows. The back part of the house is where we live and it's a 1 bedroom/fully furnished unit and all utilities are included in the rent. Our landlord claims to be a Godly man, pastor and all. That is great. However, what he has done is NOT Godly at all.

Come this November we would have been renting this place for a year. We have NEVER been late on rent, very respectful tenants. The other tenants however have not been so great. We have seen SO many people come and go from the front unit and have spoken to some of them and they all say that the landlord is shady and will slap a 30 day notice for no reason at all. He was told at one point that he could take the whole neighborhood out as a result of how he has his cable/internet hooked up. He "ghetto" rigs everything. It's no wonder the power goes out once a week in this place.

Stephanie and I were involved in a horrible auto accident and have not been able to financially recover from it since. I have been looking for work and recently found a legit work from home job that I have been training for, for the last few days. I paid for the background/credit check and was happy to see that I made the cut. It requires a land line so I inquired with the landlord about helping me set up what I needed to work. He seemed okay with this. He also seemed okay with allowing us to make arrangements for the first time on this months rent. If he was not okay with either of these things why not SAY SOMETHING?! He was going to come today and have us resign the lease and take what money we did have and put it towards rent. He didn't come and texted that his wife can come by tomorrow but she can't help me with what I would need to set up my work from home land line. GREAT. I only have so many days to set myself up or I lose my agent number. Just when I think we might get ahead and I have found work I can do, I have to rely on my landlord who isn't being helpful and because we think he doesn't have an account with a reputable cable/internet company, this is why he can't help. We think he has rigged up cable/internet in this place and he doesn't want us to know this. If you look at the house their are cable cords all over it, wood box randomly on the side of the house, everything looks so fishy.

This afternoon he continued to text and was all of the sudden coming over because he wanted to "talk." It didn't sound good. We asked him what it was regarding and he said he would rather talk in person. One of the things he wanted to talk to us about was the whole work from home phone line situation. Umm what else? He wouldn't say. I texted him that we were going to the store quickly and we will be right back. He was thinking that no one would be home and it turned out "Mr. I want to talk to you in person" turned into "the devil in disguise" and knocked once on the door. I opened it and saw a piece of paper fall to the ground. I just knew. I stepped outside and he was already on his way back to his car. He said "Oh, I didn't think anyone would be home." I told him Steph was on her way back and took a glance at the letter and it was a 30 day notice to vacate. :( I looked up at him and said "I guess we have nothing to discuss." With Stephanie being the only one working now and us behind on things, how are we going to come up with enough money to move into an apt and keep up on our car payment? We only have 1 car and we need it. We are going to talk to our attorney handling our auto case to see if their is anything we can do. We doubt they can do anything in 30 days. Last we learned when speaking with them, the paralegal hadn't even finished typing up demand letters. This could really save us right now but we can't rely on it. On the the notice it says we are being asked to leave because he is making changes to his units. lol. Well if that's the case, is he going to give the same notice to other 2 guys who live in the front? You know, the ones that make this whole house smell like weed. 

This is why we needed to make this fundraiser. We know we have friends who care about us and some of you might be in a position to help us during this time, come up with the funds necessary to find another roof over our head for us and our kittens. Anything helps. Please share this fund raiser and donate if you can.

Thank you!




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Sky Shane


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