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[From the Organizers of the Event]


300 Days of Run began as a 'one-day' item that seemed like an incredible running feat.  


Bold yet doabale. Outrageous yet achievable.


Well, after about 2 years of kicking it around in my head, one day while running, the discussion became trying to figure out the ‘next’ goal for a few people who liked to create ‘crazy’ running goals for common runners. 300 Days of Run was born.


Why not the 300 Days of running within a year?  Plus 2016 would be the easiest year ever (considering you get an extra day with the leap year!).  


The idea was also to make it something bigger than just the runner and his or her own personal running goal - which would be a HUGE achievement. 300 Days of Run makes the milestone MORE memorable by joining it with the satisfaction of raising money for charity at the same time in order to make the achievement even more outstanding.


Now 300 Days of Run is a reality and you can participate - by donating to a runner or even running it yourself!


Anyone can participate in the event. To Run - all you will need to be able to track your runs and make the minimum run distance and speed for the run. While 300 days of running in a year may seem outrageous, it is an achievable goal for those who are determined to make it happen. To Donate - well all you need is a credit card...


A HUGE thanks to the volunteers who helped engineer the site and make this all a possibility and a very special thanks to all of the participants who are helping to make 300 Days of Run a reailty!


Here's to 300 Days of Run in 2016!


For more information on the event visit www.300daysofrun.com