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Healthy Planet, Healthy People

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Our Mission is to build a global community of citizen scientists who gather and share climate data that support innovative climate solutions.

On a warming planet, it's unacceptable that many places have never seen a thermometer.This lack of quality climate observations hinders the creation of innovative and effective climate solutions. 2°C is a nonprofit organization solving that problem by transforming outdoor enthusiasts and professionals into environmental heroes who observe our planet like never before.

When you run, trek, cycle, dive, paddle, ski, or camp with a wearable 2°C LEAF climate sensor, you join a global, dynamic observing network taking the pulse of the planet. Just as a tree has thousands of leaves, and a forest has millions, 2°Cʼs network of 2°C LEAFs can generate a forest of data to close the gaps in our climate knowledge. 

We have strength in numbers.