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2-Create-a –Job-Now Tour for the Unemployed and Those Considering Entrepreneurship
It’s no secret that congress has voted to end unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, many of which are over 40 years old. My purpose is to provide free and donation only career talks and clinics that would offer unemployed, dislocated workers who are seeking alternative solutions to taking control of their financial situations.
There is a shift going on that is forcing many adults to face their purpose through their careers. There are way too many people applying for the same jobs for everyone to have one, so many will have to create a job. I have always felt that if you want a job, the best way to get one is 2-Create-a-Job-Now! It only makes sense that if you can’t depend on huge corporations to give you a job that you have to depend on yourself and ground level supporters who are willing to help you and cheer you on towards your destiny and career fulfillment.
I’m a career coach and I have found that I can no longer sit back and watch what is happening to our society and only help those who fall in my lap or trickle onto my website. I have been moved to conduct free and donation only career talks clinics for those in need and these clinics will be designed to give participants hope that everything they need is within them to create their own destiny and start their businesses with little or no money.
As a once unemployment recipient, full time student and divorced mom of two, I understand the struggle that many are going through. We are moving from a state of “every man for himself”, to “everyone has to pull together”. If we all don’t contribute in some way on the front end we will all have to pay on the back end.
I have been convicted that my calling is not just getting a job for myself and riding off into the sunset, but to use the skills, experience and talents I have to help others create jobs for themselves. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Communication, Masters of Science in Adult Education and an Education Specialist degree (Ed.S) in Adult Learning and Higher Education. I have certainly paid my dues and have done my research.
It doesn’t make sense to charge an already stressed population and then say you are “helping” them. Some can pay for job training and some can’t, but my goal is to get people to invest time and money into their dreams and make the shift from depending on corporations to depending on themselves, their talents and connect with those that have their best interest at heart.
I know that we are not going through a recession, but a transition and it is important for people to understand that we will never go back to the way things were. We are in a new economy and the only way to survive is to come together, pool our ideas and assist one another in supporting ourselves through reinventing ourselves.
The career talks and clinics I create are intended to:
• Restore hope among a stressed community
• Inspire ideas for entrepreneurship
• Share alternative resources that will assist in creating businesses
• Create a safe environment for learning and growing
• Expand opportunities for joint ventures
• Explain the new economy and our role in it
• Explain how to monetize ideas
• Teach personality and career profiling by using metaphysical tools
• Help participants map out their destiny through career & entrepreneurship
• Spread the message of economic solidarity among citizens
As this mission grows, so will its intentions. I look forward to seeing if we can raise as much money as some of the pooches I have seen on here. I LOVE my animals, but we can’t care for them as well as we need to if we are not working. I have already spent all I have to do just two clinics and redo website for posting free exercises, audios, videos and more. Let’s make one of the biggest changes our society has seen in the area of reducing unemployment. Let’s help people 2-Create-a –Job-Now!



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