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24,000 is so much more than a number!

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EVENT DATE: Dec 05, 2016

Sergey Efremenko


Georgia Van Cuylenburg wrote -

There are currently more than 47 million Americans living in poverty, and over 21 million of them are children. Statistics tell us that 45% of those children will stay in poverty for the rest of their lives. We have the resources and ability to change this - something must be done. 


I have the honor of working with children whose families live in poverty every day. These families are the most hard working and determined people I know.  For many of it is hard to even imagine the challenges they confront everyday just to survive. We must offer compassion and seek to understand these families if we are going to change things for their children.


On December 5th , I will be swimming 24,000 meters (14.9 miles) to share some perspective on the determination, fear, doubt, grit, exhaustion and pain that can attack you when you take on something out of your reach. The poverty line for a four-person family in the United States is $23,860 a year. I will be pushing myself beyond a number that seems almost impossible to me to bring attention to the seemingly impossible task that these families face when they are told to "get out of poverty."


My goal is to raise $24,000 to support the work Arts Bridging the Gap does to empowers children to reach above and beyond any statistic or label. 


We need to put an end to poverty. But, this will never happen if we don’t understand what it means to live in poverty. If we take the time to truly listen to what these children need to thrive, we can make a change with one generation. 



Fundraise for this Campaign

Laps for Change

250 laps


Food for 6 months

The security of knowing you can eat for 6 months (on a low cost food plan) and have nourished bodies and minds.

50 laps


One out of school class

For one child to have a class where they express themselves, learn social skills and self esteem - it is priceless.

35 laps


Laundry for a year

Keeping your family clean and dignified brings pride and changes your perception of yourself.

25 laps


A Computer for the house

Enables parents to look for work, connect with family and be contactable for all opportunities. Provides a place for children to do their homework and be connected with the world.

10 laps


Shoes for one child for the year

Little feet grow so fast - if your shoes don’t fit your feet hurt and get damaged and make you feel less than.

5 laps


Pens and pencils for one child for a year

How can you do your homework and learn without the tools?

2 laps


Gas for the car for a week

To get your children to and from school and activities and to work for the parents.

1 lap


School excursions

Every child deserves the chance to explore, learn and belong with their class.

The Team: $35,552 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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