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MYTEAM TRIUMPH's Fundraiser:

24 Hour Cycling Challenge



EVENT DATE: Feb 03, 2017


Thank you for supporting myTEAM TRIUMPH!

Our mission is to enrich the health and well-being of individuals with disabilities by fostering lasting, authentic relationships through the teamwork environment of endurance athletics.

Join us for this fun team challenge for a competitive and fun cycling indoor event! This event is a 24-hour team cycling event on the computrainers at McWilliams training.  Bring your own bike and hook it up to our trainers for a virtual ride with all the ups and downs that we love outdoor.  Riders will be able to compete on a screen against other riders.

We will accept 8 teams to complete for 24 hours to see what team can ride the most miles. Each team can field 4-24 riders. The event starts on Friday at 5pm and finishes at 5pm on Saturday.   Each hour will feature a 45 minute ride .  The rider for the next hour must arrive and set up 15 minutes before their hour starts.  Each hour we will add mileage covered to your team's overall distance. Prize: The top team that ride the furthest in 24 hours will receive a Complimentary Pizza Party at Greystone Ale House!    

Course info:  Each hour will be a different course!  Some will be more flat, others will be very hilly.  You never know!

Challenges: during each hour, riders can challenge members of other teams by making a $10 donation.  The person challenged can pass by making a counter donation of $20.

  • Single leg pedaling Blind fold (won't be able to see what's next on the road
  • Single speed (no shifting allowed)
  • Maintain 60 rpm cadence
  • Maintain 100 rpm cadence
  • 10 pushups
  • 3 bonus miles
  • Fan on you only
  • Penalty box for 2 minutes (no pedaling)
  • Stand for 5 minutes
  • Pick a song
  • Pick a course
  • Make one up! How to sign up

Sign up on the event page and choose your desired time(s).  If you are part of a team, put the team name down in the custom field.  If you don't have a team yet, you will be assigned to one based on your desired time. Have each individual on the team sign up on the page Cost per team will be $360 cost per hour is $15.  Payment will be accepted at the door via cash, check or credit card.  Checks can be made out to "myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin Chapter" Let's race!

Post race party! Join us at the Graystone or Chicago Street Pub after the event at 6pm for our post race party!

Some reminders... You must have a minimum of 4 riders and a maximum of 24 riders. Come 15-20 minutes before your scheduled start time and prepare for set up.  If you have a trainer skewer, please attach it to your bike. We will have a table providing water, fruit and snacks for riders but if you have fuel you prefer, please bring it. Bathroom and changing facilities are available at McWilliams Training.

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