2018 Huron Valley Swim Club Swim and Dive athon

2018 Huron Valley Swim Club Swim and Dive athon Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Jul 10, 2018

The Youth Swim & divathons are a morning, afternoon, or evening of swimming at Ann Arbor area swim club pools. Any enthusiastic swimmer is welcome to do their own swimathon.


Beginning in 2010, local Ann Arbor youth swim teams began raising money for Ann Arbor Active Against ALS during annual swimathons. It all started with the Buhr Park Sharks…

Active Against ALS and summer swimathons are perfectly suited for the July fundraisers. The perseverance and sustained effort required by a swimathon is a great way to honor Lou Gehrig’s persistence in his 2,130 streak of consecutive games while recognizing the long-term daily effort of individuals and families affected by the disease.

Please consider sponsoring one of your youth swimmers – or swimming your own lengths in support of their effort! Thank you!