Team Muscle Makers - 2018 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Nov 02, 2018

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our fundraising page. Thank you for your continued support in our family's fight to fund a cure for UCMD and other uncommon congenital muscular dystrophies. As you know, our Parker was diagnosed with UCMD just before he turned three years old. Just this past year he was official moved back to the "undetermined" category while on a research visit to the National Institute of Health in D.C. We are doing everything in our power to keep him healthy and happy and help other kids like him. However, most kids with UCMD are in far greater need than Parker. Many require the use of a power wheelchair and/or respirator/breathing assistance. We feel fortunate that Parker's needs aren't greater, but we also feel the need to help others and bring awareness to this very rare form of muscular dystrophy. Please join us in our fight to find a cure for UCMD and other uncommon congenital muscular dystrophies. All four of us are running the 2018 Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend. Parker is run/walking the 5k, Jackson is running the 10k, Melissa and Dan are running the 5k and 10k and will be working an on course cheer/aid station for our team . So, here we are again, asking for your support. I cannot even express to you all how thankful we are for the continued dedication you all have given our team. With your help we are making a difference! None of this would be possible without your cheers, your prayers and your generous donations. We aren't afraid to work for it either, so if you want to put us to work for a donation we are more than happy to do that! Any donation is appreciated. Thank you, from the bottom of our heart. The Mayorgas Family