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Hope Floats ... Many of you have had the honor of witnessing first hand the iconic Wish Boat Ceremony here at Camp Sunshine. For those who have not shared first hand in the emotion of a final night here at Camp Sunshine let us paint you a picture. Dusk has begun to fall on Camp Sunshine's final night of the session - Celebration Night. Campers, some who have spent hours working on their Wishboats during their Arts and Crafts time now playfully carry them down to the small pond down our brick walkway. Music plays queitly in the backround, seeming more like a breeze through the trees as children and families gather at the waters edge. Voices begin to hush as boats now take on a completely different meaning in the hands of their creators. Soon flashes in the night turn to glowing light atop the candles aboard each vessel. As each boat is launched, whether silently or aloud, wishes for the future of Camp Sunshine campers are made. And truly ... hope floats ...
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