2016 Omulu Capoeira Los Angeles Roda-Thon



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EVENT DATE: Aug 13, 2016

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art rooted in dance, martial arts, and music. Omulu Capoeira is led by world-renowned master, Mestre Preguiça. The group's mission is to promote the art of Capoeira through the development of high-quality training academies, professional performance groups, and community culture and education programs.


The Omulu Capoeira Los Angeles Roda-Thon is an annual event to raise funds for our yearly Encontro (Encounter) and batizado this Fall in Los Angeles. The roda is the circle where we play capoeira games. Please sponsor your friends to participate in the Roda-Thon by donating $5 per game. The more donations each player receives, the more games she or he will play. Any small contribution of at least one game would greatly help. We invite you to take part in the growth of Omulu's students and make Encontro happen!!