2016 Lazarex | Ragnar Relay Photo
2016 Lazarex | Ragnar Relay Photo
2016 Lazarex | Ragnar Relay Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: November 4-5, 2016


For the second year,  Lazarex Cancer Foundation is the primary charity for Reebok Ragnar Napa Valley! 


We know your heart is set on Napa so guarantee your entry with Team for Life and come November have the ultimate California weekend running adventure. Starting in the heart of San Francisco, your team will run relay-style while experiencing the best parts of Northern California. The 200-ish mile course brings runners over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sausalito’s charming downtown, next to endless rows of grapevines and past world-famous wineries.


Your Ragnar experience is as competitive as you make it. Rally your team and battle the other teams for the top ranking FUNdraiser! Make it your goal to FUNdraise and cross the finish line together! Ragnar is about coming together and accomplishing something we could never do alone. All the while you are helping make life more awesome for others and yourself. 


Here’s how to register for the best weekend of your life:

  • Team Captain registers team with $1814 (the price of a 12 Member Team for the relay) or $1180 (the price of a 6 member Ultra Team) or if you are a member hunting for a team it's $180
  • Fundraising minimum of $10,000 which breaks down to $850-ish per team member (12) or $1700-ish per team member (6) or as an Individual $850-ish (registration is credited towards your minimum!)
  • Teams raising $15,000 will receive a reimbursement incentive for up to 2-vans not to exceed $500 per van.


Register with the Team & get: 

  • Guaranteed Relay Entry
  • Professional Fundraising Support
  • A special Ragnar Team for Life Tech T-shirt for those long training runs! 
  • Lazarex secret swag to support your team’s craziness (i.e. think “kills” or “magnet bombs”)

* Charity runners still receive all regular registrant amenities


How are the donations you collect put to use?


Each month Lazarex patients get a check so that they can access life-saving treatments. 


Lazarex Cancer Foundation is a vital resource for patients with advanced stage cancer who have run out of treatment options. We help patients find the right medical studies anywhere in the United States and we help pay for the costs associated with their participation including airfare, hotel and diagnostics. Otherwise the excessive costs to get to the cancer treatment center and the strain of being away from their family’s support would make it impossible for a majority of patients to take advantage of these breakthrough treatments. These are treatments that have and could potentially extend  patients' lives and lead to cures for many others. No other foundation in the U.S. helps patients and families affected by cancer in such a direct way. You can learn more about Lazarex at www.lazarex.org.


In 2015 alone, Lazarex provided financial support to over 333 patients with advanced-stage cancer. To date, Lazarex patients have cumulatively lived an additional 767 years through their participation in clinical trials AFTER they were told that there were no other options.  


To put it simply, you're giving Lazarex patients the chance to LIVE! 


Cheers to Life and for making Life more awesome for others! 

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Bang it Out for Julio!!!

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