2016 Wishboat Crew Challenge



11% Raised of$100,000 Goal

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2016 Wishboat Crew Challenge Photo
2016 Wishboat Crew Challenge Photo

The Story

Hope Floats ... Many of you have had the honor of witnessing first hand the iconic Wish Boat Ceremony here at Camp Sunshine.  For those who have not shared first hand in the emotion of a final night here at Camp Sunshine let us paint you a picture.


Dusk has begun to fall on Camp Sunshine's final night of the session - Celebration Night.  Campers, some who have spent hours working on their Wishboats during their Arts and Crafts time now playfully carry them down to the small pond down our brick walkway.


Music plays queitly in the backround, seeming more like a breeze through the trees as children and families gather at the waters edge. Voices begin to hush as boats now take on a completely different meaning in the hands of their creators.  Soon flashes in the night turn to glowing light atop the candles aboard each vessel.  As each boat is launched, whether silently or aloud, wishes for the future of Camp Sunshine campers are made.


And truly ... hope floats ... 



Wishboat CREW Challenge Goal


Become a Wishboat CREW Member today! Camp Sunshine gets countless requests by individuals who are looking to do even more to support our families.  For this reason, we have proposed a challenge for those who are interested in raising $1,000 or more, on behalf of Camp Sunshine during 2016.  Our goal, $100,000 to sponsor 40 families or an entire new session in 2017. Sending a family to Camp Sunshine, at a cost of $2,500 is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give.  With your help, many more ill children and their families can attend our one-of-a-kind program.



Getting On Board 


Simply create your CrowdRise fundraising page! It’s that simple. Whether you’re interested in simply reaching out to family and friends, participating in or hosting a special event, holding a bake sale, hosting a school fundraiser or anything in between, we are happy to have your support! Simply create and share your Crowdrise page with your friends, family, classmates and/or coworkers and become a Wishboat CREW Member!



Crew Timeline


Fundraising should be fun not stressful. Your contibutions do not need to be raised overnight. It doesn’t matter if it takes you months or even a full year to hit your fundraising goal, the only thing that matters is that you finish. One of the greatest rewards you will receive for your effort is a letter from the family you’ve helped sponsor along with cards from the child and their siblings.



Already Participate in an Established Camp Sunshine Fundraiser?


If you participate in a Camp Sunshine special event or third-party special event (Polar Dip, Golf Tournament, etc.) – wonderful! Please understand that those events will continue to rely on your participation even if you have accepted the Wishboat CREW Challenge. Funds you raise for those events will remain earmarked for said event, and we will not transfer to your online fundraising page.

Please email events@campsunshine.org for more information!

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