2015 Long Living Pets Road Tour

Organized by: Thomas Sandberg

Thomas' Photo
Thomas' Photo


On The Road to Educate and Recruit.

In 2015, six dogs and two cats will take the 'Long Living Pets Research Projects' to the people.

We are on a mission to help pets live longer healthier lives and reduce their risk of getting cancer.

This has been another project in the planning for the last three years. Now, that we are moving into Phase 2 of my 30-year research projects (next 15 years) it's time to step up and meet the pet owners face to face.  I'm on a life mission to...

Help dogs live longer healthier lives.

The purpose of this road trip is to:

  • Bring nationwide awareness to my research; documenting the benfits of feeding dogs and cats the food they are designed for and to reduce the incidents of cancer in pets (currently close to 50% of pets get cancer). Based on my first 15 years of research into this - dogs and cats can live much longer and reduce their risk of getting cancer dramatically. Over the next 15 years I will prove this beyond any doubt with help from 1000 dogs.
  • Educate pet owners about raw feeding. Remove the myths and all the confusing information around raw feeding.
  • Recruit more pet owners to the 'raw feeding research project' The goal is to follow 1000 raw fed dogs for 15 years
  • Teach raw feeding hands-on. We will prepare meals on-site to show people how easy feeding raw can be. I have noticed when I show someone how I feed they say, "oh, that's it? - I can do that!"
  • Distribute documentation and information related to the benefits of raw feeding (I need your help here, please submit your story, see below)
  • Share my discoveries when it comes to pets and cancer prevention using a natural protocol
  • Make a documentary of these trips. We will film our interactions with people and pets we meet and the adventures we encounter on the road. You will also be able to follow us on social media sites

We will team up with local holistic veterinarians in the areas we are visiting when possible. My veterinarian is supporting this project and will join the larger events, when she is available, to help educate other veterinarians about the benefits of of raw feeding.

The Pack - The Embassadors for Long Living Pets Research Projects

A pack of six dogs and two cats  (see photo on top)  will travel with us and be our ambassadors for raw feeding. They are a group of raw fed dogs ranging from 15  to 140 lbs. They range in age from 3 to 14 years. Joining these six dogs will be two young kittens also fed raw.

Photo caption (see 2nd photo above):
From top right: Camelot (8) a Great Dane, Odin (3) a Great Dane, Mia (7) a Rhodesian Ridgeback, Elvis (5) a Staffy mix.
Bottom right: Cinnamon (14) a Miniature Dachshund, Mocha (9) a Miniature Dachshund, and my two adorable cats Kiki (2) and Freya (1). The cats were found half alive one year apart by Odin. This pack is tight, and they are all very good friends that are getting along with no issues. They are excellent ambassadors for raw feeding.

To learn more about this amazing group of friends and the inspiration for my research, please go here

I need your help to raise funds for this 'On the Road Project' to cover:

  • RV Purchase. I'm getting a very good deal on a Motorhome suited for this. The owner (a dog lover) has reduced the sales price to $30,000 which is $25,000 below the asking price.
  • Remodeling of the RV to accommodate 6 dogs and 2 cats. Estimated cost: $8,000. I will do most of the work myself to save money.
  • Trailer purchase. I need to bring a large freezer and a fridge to store raw food needed for of 6 dogs and 2 cats. Estimated cost used: $8000 included fridge and freezer.
  • Travel expenses plus emergency funds for repairs and maintenance. Inital cost estimate: $10,000
  • Other miscellaneous cost will be covered by me.

Initial capital needed to get this tour on the road: $56,000.

Advertising opportunities for companies and organizations

(See photo above)

The RV and the Cargo trailer have a lot of prime display surface that are available for advertising your businesses or organization. We will over the next 5 summers (maybe more if this is a success) travel all over USA to promote raw feeding and cancer prevention. Thousands of people will see us on the road and at many public events. I will also do many TV and Radio interviews. The trips will be filmed and made into a documentary and the RV will be a big part of this.

Contact me to discuss this prime opportunity:  Contact form

If you can think of anyone that can benefit from teaming up with us please let me know.

I need your story

I know many of you that registered for this project have seen amazing improvements in the health of your pets by switching to raw.

I want to make a brochure to share with people we meet on our travels. I think these stories better than any words can convince many to make the switch to raw feeding.

To submit your story please use this form:

Please share this with dog and cat lovers that want to help.

Thanks in advance to everyone that supports and share this project.

You can find out more about these ground breaking  30-year research projects here:

Website: www.longlivingpets.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bigolddogs


Thomas Sandberg

On a mission to help our pets live ong healthy lives



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