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2012 Iron Girl

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EVENT DATE: Aug 19, 2012

David Yungmann


Cindy Skalny wrote -

The 2012 Iron Girl is an important race for me for several reasons.  First, I need to have a come back after last year's back injury.  It's that itch to try to beat my first time!  Second, I have become more involved, through Paul, with the Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center, which is affiliated with Howard County General Hospital.  Paul has donated countless hours to the hospital foundation and has such passion for the hospital here in Howard County.  Team Conquer, a newly formed team, stands together to help spread the word about the Claudia Mayer Center.  But the most important reason why this year's race is important is because cancer touches us all and we all need to fight the fight.

First, about the Claudia Mayer Center.  It is a touching and inspiring place.  Yes, it is a location, a "place", but it is so much more.  It is a support system...... it is the many people who put their life into trying to make a difference for someone with cancer........ it is a lifeline to some who are scared and alone.........it is so many things.   It scares me to think that I or someone I love may one day need the support of this center to get them through the dark days of this disease.  But I am happy to know that it is here!  It is a much needed resource in our community, but like cancer, it is tremendously overwhelming. 

More importantly though, is a personal story that has touched the lives of many of Paul's friends.  Several months ago, Paul learned that a friend from elementary school was fighting breast cancer for the second time.  She fought hard and was able to get a "clean bill of health" the first time around.  That didn't last long before the cancer struck a second time.  That time, she wasn't so lucky.  It has impacted the friends who knew her, as well as those who never met her.  Because it impacts him, it impacts me as well. 

I never met Paige, and unfortunately I never will.  When I originally started writing this story, she had just been admitted to hospice care.  Just days later, on March 23, she passed away.  I hate that cancer is taking young people from us.  And now, I have to watch as Paul and some of his closest friends come to terms with this devastating disease and the effect it has had on them through Paige.  For all of them, in addition to my personal goals, I will be racing for Paige and for her memory.  The goal that Team Conquer has given me is $1,000, but nothing would make me happier and more proud than to exceed that goal.  Please join with me to raise money to honor Paige and the many people who fight cancer on a daily basis.  Let's make sure that families like hers are aware of what this great county has to offer to lift us up when we need it most.

The Claudia Mayer Center stands to help so many people in so many ways.  Help me to ensure that it is around and available to anyone who ever needs it!


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