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1st Annual Bike/Hike/Bike MT Fuji Relief Challenge

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May 28, 2011

300KM ride last weekend, felt great, getting ready for the big day, the big ride :)  See more

BENEFITING: American Red Cross

Faron Cordrey


Our goal is to keep the focus on the plight of the SURVIVORS in Japan, and to raise funds for so many still suffering from the affects of the 9.0 earthquake and resulting 23 meter tsunami that struck North East Japan on 13 March. Thousands are still homeless, and have no job which to return.Additionally, many remain displaced due to radiation hazards surrounding Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

A small group of us that are living in Japan are going to set out on a Bike/Hike/Bike Fuji Adventure to increase awareness for those in need. On August 13th, 5 months after that tragic day), we will depart Atsugi, Japan (near sea-level) at 3 AM, and bike 115 KM to Subashi 5th Station of Mt Fuji (Go-gome, elevation 2,305 meter / 7560 feet). The team will hike up Fuji to the summit at 3,776 meters (12,385 feet)  , the tallest point in Japan. Upon descent we will make the return bike back to Atsugi, Japan, our home...hoping to complete the entire evolution in 16 hours.

Why MT Fuji??? Fuji-san is Japan's national symbol, and is symbolic of Japan's heart and soul. Just as the people of Japan's spirits were not broken in the face of this triple tragedy (earthquake, tsunami and nucelar accident), MT Fuji too remains standing tall and proud.

Why an adventure challenge to raise money??  You haven't heard me sing, lol!   Then why not just hike MT Fuji??? Well, to be honest with you, that would be just too easy, and would bring no justice to the challenge the Japanese people have endured in their plight for survival. In no way could we ever duplicate the pain or experience the suffering so many have endured, yet wanted to do something symbolic that would require dedication and GAMAN...perseverance! 

Our motto....Nan Demo Dekimasu - We Can Do Anything....That is, only with your support -  ....Nan Demo Dekimasu  :)


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Tressa Ray

Tressa Ray


9 years ago




Your presence at the library, in the Paperback Exchange section reminded me to make my donation. I am moving into an apartment in Nagasawa and will be riding (26 km) to work a few days a weeks. Maybe one day I will be able to catch up to your distances. God bless all involved with this tremendous challenge. Good luck! 9 years ago




9 years ago