30% Raised of$1,000,000 Goal

#iDance4aCURE #OURFIGHT Photo
#iDance4aCURE #OURFIGHT Photo
#iDance4aCURE #OURFIGHT Photo
#iDance4aCURE #OURFIGHT Photo
#iDance4aCURE #OURFIGHT Photo

The Story

The responsibility is ours..we need to fight for all children. Won't you join #OURFIGHT?

Help Us Make a Difference in the Fight Against Childhood Cancer!

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Won't you Join #OURFIGHT




Only 4% of Federal Cancer Research is allocated to Childhood Cancer. Kids with cancer deserve #Morethan4. 




It Will Make a Difference!





The ONLY avenue to a cure for childhood cancer is research. Research does not exist without funding. 


#iDance4aCURE #1Million4aCURE #OURFIGHT #HeartofGold #Morethan4


About iDance4aCURE

With just one dance studio, some committed dance moms and a group of young dancers who were determined to make a difference, iDance4aCURE began their journey not only to raise awareness, but to be an active leader in the fight against childhood cancer by raising funds for cutting edge research. In less than four years, iDance4aCURE has quickly grown into a nationally recognized movement that is mobilizing the entire dance community in the fight against childhood cancer. With the commitment of dance studios, students, teachers, and choreographers, competitions and conventions, to date, iDance4aCURE has already contributed over $300,000 directly to fund research at Children’s Hospitals across the globe.


iDance4aCURE remains committed to raising $1 million for childhood cancer research while educating and empowering a new generation of childhood cancer advocates. Join us throughout the entire year, for many ways to “Show Us Your Heart of Gold!” Today we encourage you to join #ThePotomacSchool as they support iDance4aCURE and much needed childhood cancer research! 



Please share with your friends, family and fellow dancers.

Join #OURFIGHTl and #iDance4aCURE to End Childhood Cancer!







To learn more about iDance4aCURE go to www.iDance4aCURE.org or email Lisa@idance4acure.org or Terre@idance4acure.org 



#iDance4aCURE #HeartofGold  #Morethan4 #OURFIGHT