1 Life Fully Lived

1 Life Fully Lived
1 Life Fully Lived
GoFundMe Charity : May 17, 2019
Tax ID: 27-4590344
BASED: Portola, CA, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: 1lifefullylived.org

Our Mission

1Life Fully Lived helps you create the life you dream of! We teach people of all ages how to connect their passion, purpose and direction by following a personal road map to master vision-planning, relationships, finances, and wellness.

1Life Fully Lived is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization started in 2011 that gives people of all ages and backgrounds the tools to achieve success! By leveraging the knowledge and support of our community, we provide tools and training in vision planning, finances, wellness, and relationships. Dream it...Plan it... LIVE it!

Our Mission: 1Life Fully Lived provides youth and adults with a roadmap for the business of their life.

Our Vision: Armed with a roadmap that connects passion, purpose and direction in their lives people will care about living their best lives and help others do the same.

Tax ID: 27-4590344 • 1lifefullylived.org


How it works

Create a Fundraiser

Start your own fundraising campaign! You are just a few clicks away from starting an online fundraiser or creating a fundraising event. You and your friends can help 1Life Fully Lived put life-changing tools and education in the hands of those that need it the most.

Make it your own

Create your own idea or event. Your fundraiser can be for a birthday or a special day, you can rally around an event or even try to set the 1Life Fully Lived DIY fundraiser record. Create your personal log in, add pictures, videos, and your own story! Set a financial goal and make a donation to get the ball rolling.

Share with everyone

Tell everyone you know about your campaign and explain how they can get involved! Together you can raise funds and share 1Life Fully Lived’s mission. Let them know that their donation helps people with limited opportunity learn to live their best lives by creating a personal roadmap that will help them master vision-planning, relationships, finances, and wellness.

As you start your campaign here are some goals to see how your fundraiser makes an impact

  • $20 you can put the 1Life Roadmap Journal in the hands of one young adult
  • $200 you can sponsor one student to attend a 1Life Dare2Dream Program
  • $2,000 you can cover the cost of a whole class to attend a 1Life Dare2Dream Assembly
  • $20,000 you can bring a the 1Life Dare2Dream Assembly to a school

  • Examples are averages and may vary based on location and event size


gobundance DMV santacon Image gobundance DMV santacon Amount Raised: $950

38% Raised of$2,500 Goal

Detroit 2020 1Life ROADMAP Workshop Image Detroit 2020 1Life ROADMAP W… Amount Raised: $0

0% Raised of$35,000 Goal

Brent’s Swim to bring 1Life Fully Lived and Dare2Dream program to Detroit kids. Image Brent’s Swim to bring 1Life … Amount Raised: $21,700

87% Raised of$25,000 Goal

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Sacramento, CA. - 2020 Image

Sacramento, CA. - 2020




0% Raised of$35,000 Goal

Los Banos, CA. - 2020 Image

Los Banos, CA. - 2020




0% Raised of$25,000 Goal

Philadelphia, PA. - 2020 Image

Philadelphia, PA. - 2020




0% Raised of$40,000 Goal

Dallas, TX. - 2020 Image

Dallas, TX. - 2020




0% Raised of$35,000 Goal

Detroit, MI. - 2020 Image

Detroit, MI. - 2020




0% Raised of$35,000 Goal