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One person.

The world is composed of so many ones, so many stories that never get told. I am one, but I believe that one has the opportunity to impact many. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands. All it takes is an idea of one, and the drive and determination to share that idea with the world.

Walking away from BlogHer’12, one of, if not the largest blogging conferences in the world, I felt confused, trying to sort out what blogging meant for me and my family. I felt like I needed to do something more besides blogging about the next event in Paris, or how learning to speak French was “so hard.” It’s not that there isn’t a place for those posts in the world, but rather my soul was crying for something more. I whispered a call of help out into the universe, and oh boy did that universe answer.

It began small…. an email to Nicole over at Third Eye Mom, an offer to join World Moms Blog…. subsequent chatter about “Half the Sky.” A kindle download and many long nights tearing up and crying to my husband. “There has to be more for these people. Their stories MUST be told. But how can I make a difference?” I felt that these words would fall on the ears of those people who must shut out broad ideas and the global community, because in their heart of hearts, I believe it is too much. It scares them…. they fear what they don’t know and fear the guilt that comes with realizing that no matter how hard their own lives are, there are those whose lives are unimaginable.

I started to think about small acts. The idea that ONE person can impact many, all starting with one small act. My small act for 2013?

I’ve begun training to run the Kilimanjaro Marathon (the half portion) in Tanzania on March 3rd, 2013. People run every day, but for me, this is a real challenge. To run even one mile is difficult, at age 15 I couldn’t even run the mile in under 15 minutes. I cried, fanned asthma, did ANYTHING to avoid running.

Why am I running? I am running to get the word out about a community of ones… people trying to do good things in the world, making living a bit easier for someone else. Making a sacrifice for someone else, thinking globally, and being gracious. They all have stories of inspiration, and through running this marathon, I am hoping to raise awareness for 13 charities…. 13 miles for 13 charities.

The ones, the 13, are worldwide, and they are right in your backyard. They support mothers, children, and families all over the globe. They could be supporting you… or someone you’ll never meet. Over the next three months, each charity will be featured on Mondays along with a link to donate should the cause move you. Women and men who are inspiring inner-city youths, supporting one another through cancer, building schools, providing newborns with a chance to live…. these are the stories that speak to me. I hope they speak to you too.

I don’t know if I can do it alone and am hoping that by being accountable here, with you, the few who share this space, I can succeed. And perhaps you’ll join me? I could use a running partner, both mentally and physically. How can you help? Well, if you are a runner and want to fly yourself to Tanzania this March, YES! We can room together. If you’re not able for whatever reason, you can share. Share these stories via Twitter, FB, emails, any way you can. Feel free to use the 13for13 button on your blog and link it back up here. If you want, please contact me via email me at hjunderway[at]gmail[dot]com. Look for more coming soon, and for the hashtag #13for13 on Twitter and Instagram.



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