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Welcome to the official fundraising page for the 10 Days campaign! This is where you can start a 10 Days fundraising page for your campaign or donate toward our goal of raising $100,000 to develop our new Wash Program Area in the District of Ruhango, in the southern province of Rwanda.


Here's how you can help us meet our goal. 


1) JOIN US: Give up drinking all beverages except water for ten days (November 11 - 20) and give what you save to drilling clean water wells in Ruhango. 


 2) SUPPORT: Help your friends and family by giving to their 10 Days campaign or give to their school’s team page. 


Not sure what to give? Try $25.00 


According to a 2012 study reported by Fox Business News, Americans ages 18-34 spend on average nearly $25 per week on coffee alone. 


Let's drink water to give water!


Note: here's the link to that report