100k Run Home For Charity

100k Run Home For Charity Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Dec 30, 2017

Folks. Here's a story of a man who once could run a lot. Then he found himself unable to run. Too many injuries, too much pain. Through healing and prayer, this man is able to run again and run far. There is also a story of many men, women and children that aren't thinking of running. They are wondering what and when will be their next meal. Where will they stay tonight and when will they find hope. There are many agencies that work tirelessly to help these folks find hope, food and shelter. This is why we run this 100k Run Home. 62 miles from West Loop Chicago through downtown along the lakefront up towards Lake County, Illinois and all the way home to St. Anne Catholic Church. There will be folks running along for support. This won't be easy. This will be hard, very hard. But so is living on the street. We need your help! Thanks for your support. (This run helps support the many agencies like Shalom, HALO, Sisters of Life, Congregation of St. Anne) Please be generous.)